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benefits is the plural form of benefit.
1. beneficio (m) provecho (m) (advantages); ventaja (f) (individual advantage)
  • to have the benefit of something contar con algo
  • to derive benefit from sacar provecho de
  • for somebody's benefit, for the benefit of somebody en atención a alguien
  • that remark was for your benefit ese comentario iba dirigido a ti
  • to give somebody the benefit of the doubt dar a alguien el beneficio de la duda
2. acto (m) benéfico (charity event)
  • benefit match partido (m) de homenaje (in soccer)
3. prestación (f) subsidio (m) (state payment)
  • to be on benefit cobrar un subsidio
  • social security benefits prestaciones (f pl) sociales
transitive verb
4. beneficiar, favorecer
intransitive verb
  • to benefit by or from beneficiarse de, sacar provecho de
benefit [ˈbenɪfɪt]
1 (advantage) beneficio (m); provecho (m)
to give sb the benefit of the doubt dar a algn el beneficio de la duda
for the benefit of one's health en beneficio de la salud
I'll try it on for your benefit lo probaré en tu honor
(I may say) for your benefit that ...
to have the benefit of tener la ventaja de
to be of benefit to sb beneficiar a algn
I hope what I have written may be of benefit to someone else who may feel the same way
to reap the benefit of sacar el fruto de
to be to the benefit of ser provechoso a
without benefit of sin la ayuda de
to marry without benefit of clergy casarse por lo civil
2 (Admin) (money) ayuda (f);(also unemployment benefit) subsidio (m) de desempleo
3 (Teat) (Dep) (charity performance) beneficio (m)
intransitive verb
beneficiar(se); sacar provecho
to benefit by/from sacar provecho de
transitive verb
benefit association (n) especially (US) sociedad (f) de beneficencia
benefit match (n) partido (m) con fines benéficos
benefit performance (n) función (f) benéfica
benefit society (n)
benefit association See culture box in entry benefit.
benefits package (n) paquete (m) de beneficios
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