"bat" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

1. murciélago (m) (animal)
  • like a bat out of hell (familiar) -> como alma que lleva el diablo
1. bate (m) (for cricket, baseball) ; pala (f) (for table tennis)
  • to do something off one's own bat (familiar) -> hacer algo por cuenta propia (británico)
verbo transitivo (pt & pp batted)
  • he didn't bat an eyelid -> ni se inmutó
verbo intransitivo
2. batear (in cricket, baseball)

bat [bæt]
1 (in ball games) paleta (f); pala (f); (in cricket, baseball) bate (m)
off one's own bat por cuenta propia
right off the bat (US) de repente
2 (blow) golpe (m)
(Dep) batear
to go (in) to bat for sb (support) dar la cara por algn; salir en apoyo de algn
The judge dosen't like the idea of no one going in to bat for the accused Lord Palmerston felt firmly that Britain ought to go to bat for her citizens. The Government must step in and do so now Senators routinely go to bat for their constituents against bureaucrats
(hit) golpear; apalear
to bat sth around (US) (discuss) discutir acerca de algo
bat [bæt]
(Zool) murciélago (m)
old bat (old woman) bruja (informal) (f)
to be bats
have bats in the belfry
estar más loco que una cabra (informal)
to go like a bat out of hell ir como alma que lleva el diablo; ir a toda hostia (informal); (Esp)
bat [bæt]
he didn't bat an eyelid (Britain) he didn't bat an eye (US) ni pestañeó
without batting an eyelid (Britain) without batting an eye (US) sin pestañear; sin inmutarse

Verb Conjugations for "bat" (go to el murciélago; el bate (beisbol))


I bat I batted I will bat
you bat you batted you will bat
he/she bats he/she batted he/she will bat
we bat we batted we will bat
you bat you batted you will bat
they bat they batted they will bat
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