ax (US)
(tool) hacha (f)
when the axe fell cuando se descargó el golpe
to have an axe to grind tener un interés creado
I have no axe to grind no tengo ningún interés personal
to get or be given the axe [+employee] ser despedido
...rumours that 500 workers at the plant are to get the axe
[+project] ser cancelado
It is one of four major projects to be given the axe in the last 6 months to give sb the axe despedir a algn dejar plantado a algn I got the axe me dejó plantado
transitive verb
[+budget] recortar; [+project, service] cancelar; [+jobs] reducir
Community projects are being axed by hard-pressed social services departments The programme was axed after just three episodes
[+staff] despedir;
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