Paw in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation
1. garra (f) pata (f) (of cat, lion, bear); pata (f) (of dog)
  • paws off! (familiar) ¡no se toca!
transitive verb
2. tocar con la pata (of animal)
  • to paw the ground piafar
paw [pɔː]
1 [of animal] pata (f); [of cat] garra (f); [of lion] zarpa (f); garra (f)
2 (hand) manaza (informal) (f)
transitive verb
1 [+animal] tocar con la pata; [+lion] dar zarpazos a
to paw the ground [+horse] piafar
2 (touch) [+person] manosear; tocar; (amorously) sobar
stop pawing me! ¡fuera las manos!
intransitive verb
to paw at sth [+animal] tocar algo con la pata; (to wound) dar zarpazos a algo
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