Paws is the plural form of paw.
1. (of cat, lion, bear) 
a. la garra f, pata (F) 
2. (of dog) 
a. la pata (F) 
3. (colloquial) 
paws off!¡no se toca!
transitive verb
4. (of animal) 
a. tocar con la pata 
to paw the groundpiafar
paw [pɔː]
1 [of animal] pata (f); [of cat] garra (f); [of lion] zarpa (f); garra (f)
2 (hand) manaza (informal) (f)
transitive verb
1 [+animal] tocar con la pata; [+lion] dar zarpazos a
to paw the ground [+horse] piafar
2 (touch) [+person] manosear; tocar; (amorously) sobar
stop pawing me! ¡fuera las manos!
intransitive verb
to paw at sth [+animal] tocar algo con la pata; (to wound) dar zarpazos a algo
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