intransitive verb
1. (to incline; used with "to") 
Is it true that the Tower of Pisa leans to one side?¿Es verdad que la torre de Pisa está inclinada hacia un lado?
2. (to support oneself; used with "on" or "against") 
My grandfather leans on his cane to walk.Mi abuelo se apoya en su bastón para caminar.
3. (to tend; used with "to" or "toward") 
Left-wing parties lean toward social policies.Los partidos de izquierda se inclinan por políticas sociales.
4. (not fatty) 
a. magro 
Lean meat is better for your healthLa carne magra es mejor para la salud.
b. sin grasa 
Please use lean meat to make my hamburger.Por favor usa carne sin grasa para preparar mi hamburguesa.
5. (slim) 
a. delgado 
My son has been looking leaner since he's been living abroad.My hijo está más delgado desde que vive en el extranjero.
b. enjuto 
The lean boy was an impressive runner.El chico enjuto era un corredor impresionante.
c. flaco 
This cow is too lean. Are you feeding her properly?Esta vaca está demasiado flaca. ¿Le estás dando bien de comer?
6. (not prosperous) 
a. malo 
These are lean times for everyone, except for the wealthy.Son tiempos malos para todo el mundo, menos para los ricos.
b. pobre 
The drought made this a really lean harvest season.La sequía ha hecho que esta temporada de cosecha haya sido realmente pobre.
transitive verb
7. (to place; used with "against" or "on") 
a. apoyar 
The bricklayer leaned the ladder against the wall.El albañil apoyó la escalera contra la pared.
8. (slope) 
The wall has a slight lean.La pared tiene una ligera inclinación.
9. (culinary) 
a. el magro (M) 
Go to the butcher's and buy two kilos of lean, please.Ve a la carnicería y compra dos kilos de magro, por favor.
transitive verb
1. (general) 
a. no direct translation 
to lean something against somethingapoyar algo contra algo
intransitive verb
2. (building) 
a. inclinarse 
to lean on/against somethingapoyarse en/contra algo
3. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
to lean on somebodyapoyarse en alguien
to lean out of the windowasomarse a la ventana
lean [liːn] leaned leant
intransitive verb
1 (slope) inclinarse; ladearse
to lean to(wards) the left/right estar inclinado hacia la izquierda/derecha; (Pol) inclinarse hacia la izquierda/la derecha; to lean towards sb's opinion inclinarse por la opinión de algn
2 (for support) apoyarse
to lean on/against sth apoyarse en/contra algo; to lean on sb apoyarse en algn; (put pressure on) presionar a algn; to lean on sb for support contar con el apoyo de algn
transitive verb
to lean a ladder/a bicycle against a wall apoyar una escala/una bicicleta contra una pared; to lean one's head on sb's shoulder apoyar la cabeza en el hombro de algn
lean [liːn]
leaner (comparative)leanest (superlative)
1 (slim) [+person, body] delgado; enjuto
Their bodies were lean, their muscles toned by boxing lessons Like most athletes, she was lean and muscular She watched the tall, lean figure step into the car He was forty years old, a lean, handsome man
[+animal] flaco
lean, hungry wolves circled the encampment
companies will need to be leaner in order to compete las compañías tendrán que racionalizarse para ser más competitivas
...cutting corporate flab and building leaner companies
2 (not prosperous) [+times] difícil; [+harvest] pobre
Analysts warn of lean times ahead to go through a lean [patch] With fewer tourists in town, the taxi trade is going through its leanest patch for 30 years Shearer is going through a lean patch with only three goals in the last ten games
to have a lean time of it pasar por una mala racha
he's had a pretty lean time of it recently
lean years años (m) de vacas flacas
...dividend payments that increased little during the company's lean years in the early 1980s The potential for profit was still good despite some lean years those were lean years that followed
3 (not fatty) [+meat] magro; sin grasa
I only eat lean meat It is a beautiful meat, very lean and tender ...the leanest ground beef you can get
4 (Aut)
lean mixture mezcla (f) pobre
(Cookery) magro (m)
lean is a conjugated form of the verb leer - View Conjugation
transitive verb
1. (to look through) 
a. to read 
Deberías leer las obras completas de Shakespeare.You should read the complete works of Shakespeare.
2. (to guess the thoughts of) 
a. to read 
A ese jugador de póker es imposible leerle la cara.It's impossible to read that poker player's face.
3. (computing) 
a. to read 
Se produjo un error al leer el documento.An error occurred while reading the document.
4. (education) 
a. to defend 
Leyó su tesis doctoral frente a un panel de profesores.She defended her doctoral thesis in front of a panel of professors.
intransitive verb
5. (to look through text) 
a. to read 
Leo antes de acostarme para relajarme.I read before going to bed to relax.
transitive verb
1. (general) 
a. to read 
leo el francés, pero no lo habloI can read French, but I can't speak it
leer el pensamiento a alguiento read somebody's mind
intransitive verb
2. (general) 
a. to read 
leer en altoto read aloud
3. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
leer entre líneasto read between the lines
transitive verb
to read
leer el pensamiento a algn to read sb's mind o thoughts; leer la mano a algn to read sb's palm; leer los labios to lip-read; leer para sí to read to oneself
leer la cartilla a algn to tell sb off
intransitive verb
to read
"al que leyere" "to the reader"; leer entre líneas to read between the lines; leer en voz alta to read aloud; leer en voz baja to read quietly
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