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1. bebida (f) ; copa (f) (alcoholic)
  • to have a drink beber algo
  • to go for a drink ir a tomar algo
  • the drink (familiar) el mar (the sea)
  • to take to drink darse a la bebida
  • to have a drink problem tener un problema con la bebida
  • drinks machine máquina (f) expendedora de bebidas
verbo transitivo (pt drank [dræŋk], pp drunk [drʌŋk])
2. beber
  • to drink somebody's health brindar a la salud de alguien
  • to drink somebody under the table aguantar bebiendo or tomando más que alguien (Am)
intransitive verb
3. beber , tomar (Am)
  • don't drink and drive si bebes, no conduzcas , si tomas no manejes (Am)
  • to drink like a fish beber or tomar como un cosaco (Am)
  • to drink to somebody brindar a la salud de alguien , beber a la salud de alguien (español de España)
  • to drink to something brindar por algo
  • to drink in the atmosphere (sentido figurado) empaparse del ambiente
drink [drɪŋk] drank (past)drunk (participle:past)
1 (liquid to drink) bebida (f)
there's food and drink in the kitchen hay comida y bebidas en la cocina; hay cosas de comer y de beber en la cocina; have you got drinks for the children? ¿habéis traído algo para que beban los niños?
her job was as important to her as meat and drink
I need a drink of water necesito un poco de agua
cold drinks (non-alcoholic) refrescos (m)
to give sb a drink darle algo de beber a algn
can I have a drink? ¿me podrías dar algo de beber or tomar?; (LAm)
hot drinks will be available se servirá café y té
[hot] and [cold] drinks will be available
I felt better after a hot drink me sentía mejor después de beber algo caliente
amount of liquid I need a drink of water could I have a drink of water? have a drink of milk let me get you a drink of lemonade she took another drink of her tea
2 (glass of alcohol) copa (f); trago (m)
they chatted over a drink I need a drink let's go out, I feel like a drink how about that drink? he fixed himself a stiff drink he was standing in the corner with a drink in his hand she sipped her drink slowly
to go (out) for a drink salir a tomar algo; salir a tomar una copa
they've asked us round for drinks nos han invitado a su casa a tomar algo or a tomar unas copas
my boss invited me for a drink after work
to have a drink tomar algo
we had a drink or two tomamos unas copas or unos tragos
let's have a drink when I have a drink, I like to relax and enjoy it to [like] a drink she really likes a drink, that one to [stand] sb a drink I know you're broke, I'll stand you a drink
3 (alcoholic liquor) alcohol (m); bebida (f)
he's given up drink ha dejado de beber; ha dejado el alcohol or la bebida
he has a drink problem tiene problemas con el alcohol or la bebida
he thrived on rich food and strong drink too much drink is bad for your health I don't like drink to be under the [influence] of drink to [smell] of drink
to take to drink darse a la bebida
he took to drink after his wife died
the drink (the water) (gen) el agua; (sea) el mar
they fell into the drink
transitive verb
beber; tomar; especially (LAm)
would you like something to drink? ¿quieres tomar algo?
in the end he drank himself to death al final la bebida lo llevó a la tumba
this coffee isn't fit to drink este café no se puede beber
to drink sb's health brindar por la salud de algn
they all drank his health at dinner the Emperor drank her health his brother-in-law came up to me and insisted on our drinking each other's health
we drank ourselves into a stupor bebimos hasta perder el sentido
to drink sb under the table darle cien vueltas a algn bebiendo
he drank himself into oblivion they drank themselves stupid
to drink a toast to sth/sb brindar por algo/algn
they drank a toast to their continuing success he drinks all his wages every weekend he drank away his fortune this plant drinks a lot of water that car just drinks petrol
intransitive verb
1 (imbibe liquid) beber
I like drinking from the bottle
to drink from the bottle beber de la botella
to drink out of paper cups beber en vasos de plástico
they drank [from] the bottle/[out of] paper cups
2 (imbibe alcohol) beber; tomar; (LAm)
he doesn't drink no bebe (alcohol); no toma (alcohol); especially (LAm)
his problem has always been that he drinks
don't drink and drive si bebes, no conduzcas
he drinks like a fish bebe como una esponja
to drink like a [fish]
to drink to sth/sb brindar por algo/algn
I'll drink to that! let's drink to his health now we are going to drink to the health of my brother, and to all those kind people who have looked after him
Verb Conjugations for beber
Gerund: bebiendo
Participle: bebido
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