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color, color
1. color (m) (Estados Unidos)
  • what color, color is it? ¿de qué color es?
  • color, color bar discriminación (f) racial (racial discrimination)
  • color, color code código (m) de colores
  • color, color scheme combinación (f) de colores
  • color, color supplement suplemento (m) en color (of newspaper)
2. (idioms)
  • to be off color, color estar pocho(a)(person) (español de España), estar de capa caída (Am)
  • to give color, color to a story dar colorido a una historia
  • let's see the color, color of your money veamos primero el dinero
  • to pass with flying colors aprobar con todos los honores
  • to show oneself in one's true colors quitarse la máscara
  • she nailed her colors to the mast manifestó públicamente su postura
transitive verb
3. colorear (change color of); influir en (sentido figurado) (judgment, view)
  • to color, color one's hair teñirse el pelo
  • to color, color something blue pintar or colorear algo de azul
intransitive verb
4. ruborizarse (blush)
color [ˈkʌləʳ]
transitive verb
intransitive verb
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