Negative informal commands (negative informal imperative forms) are very different from affirmative informal commands. They are actually more similar to the formal commands in that they use the tú form of the present subjunctive of each verb.

  • No compres la camisa. (Do not buy the shirt.)
  • No aprendas español. (Do not learn Spanish!)
  • ¡No escribas el ensayo! (Do not write the essay!)

Always make sure you have a no or another negative word in front of the verb. This is what makes it negative.

Another way to form the negative informal command if you already know your formal commands, is to add an -s to the end of the negative formal command.

infinitive negative formal command negative informal command
comprar no compre no compres
aprender no aprenda no aprendas
escribir no escriba no escribas

Irregular Negative Informal Commands

There are no irregular negative informal commands. If a verb is irregular in the present subjunctive, it maintains the same irregular form in the negative informal command as well.

Pronoun Placement

Pronoun placement: the pronoun precedes (goes before) the verb in negative commands and after the negative word.

  • No te levantes antes de comer tu calabaza. (Don’t get up before you eat your squash.)
  • Nunca les compres dulces a los niños. (Never buy candy for the children.)
  • Nunca se los compres. (Never buy it for them.)

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