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(preposition: similar to, such as, in the manner of) como

The word 'like' can be used as a noun, an adjective, an adverb, a verb and a conjunction as well, but today's challenge is to use it as a preposition.

Estamos buscando un corrector oficial de las frases en español para este hilo, así que si estás interesado, por favor envia un MP a rac1 o a mí.
Mientras tanto, maestroantonio se ha ofrecido amablemente a ayudarnos. Modifica tus frases según sus sugerencias, ¡por favor!
Hay muchos hablantes nativos de inglés aquí, entonces la mayoría de ellos puede ofrecer sugerencias a las frases en inglés. Voy a ayudar tanto como pueda, por supuesto.

Aquí están las directrices del juego:

  • Usa la palabra en una frase en inglés y añade la traducción al español. Intenta usar la palabra de una manera original.
  • Vota por las frases que más te gusten.
  • Escribe solamente frases que tengan, al menos, 5 palabras, pero no escribas párrafos con 4 frases o más
  • Haz las correcciones sugeridas por el corrector official.
  • ¡Usa tus propias palabras! (No uses el traductor, ni un libro, ni la letra de una canción.)
  • Por favor, verifica tu oración al menos una vez más antes de enviarla y corrige los errores innecesarios; eso aligería considerablemente el trabajo de nuestro corrector.
  • El ganador será elegido basándose en el uso correcto de la palabra, así como en la cantidad de votos.
  • Respeta las reglas de SpanishDict.
  • ¡Disfruta el juego y mantén siempre en mente que todos nosotros estamos aquí para aprender!

We are looking for an official corrector of the Spanish sentences for this thread, so if you are interested, please send a PM to either rac1 or me.
In the meantime maestroantonio has kindly offered to help us out. Please edit your sentences according to his suggestions!
As there are lots of native English speakers here, most of them can offer suggestions to the English sentences. I shall try to help as much as I can too, of course.

Here are the rules of the game:

  • Use the word in an English sentence and add the Spanish translation of that sentence. Try to use the word in an original way.
  • Vote for the sentences that you like most.
  • Write sentences of at least 5 words, but don't write paragraphs of 4 sentences or more.
  • Correct your sentences according to the suggestions of the corrector.
  • Use your own words (and don't use a translator, a book, lyrics of a song, ...)
  • Please, check your sentence at least one more time before sending it and correct your unnecessary errors; this would enlighten the task of our corrector considerably.
  • The winner will be chosen based upon the correct use of the word as well as the number of votes.
  • Respect the rules of SpanishDict.
  • Enjoy the game and always keep in mind that all of us are here to learn.

Mi frase/my sentence:

There is nothing like a good upbringing! It will make life so much easier.

¡No hay nada como una buena educación! Se hará la vida mucho más fácil.

enter image description here

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Did you see all the entries of yesterday's Word of the Day?
mstivers (with a horror story!); gohern, GraceM, Margherite, Noetol, ... they all deserve your attention (and votes) too.

Message from maestroantonio:
"I've noticed that sometimes some users are missing some corrections so that is the reason I'm correcting either in capital letters or with spaces inbetween."

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Creo que todos tenemos esos días en los que nos sentimos como un bebé...

I think we all have those days when we feel like a baby...

enter image description here

  • Lol, Pumpkin, you're the one on the right, I take it? - annierats Jan 29, 2013 flag
  • Long live immaturity ;-) - mcl020 Jan 29, 2013 flag
  • lol...this is quite common too! I think the one on the right is a male. :-) - 0095ca4c Jan 29, 2013 flag
  • jajaja - Aranjuez12 Jan 30, 2013 flag
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Sometimes the daughter is like her mother in many things.

A veces la hija es como su madre en muchas cosas. enter image description here

  • O Shish, what is this???????? Yuk!! - mcl020 Jan 29, 2013 flag
  • Que horror!!! - rogspax Jan 29, 2013 flag
  • This is a contest about the most resemblance I guess ?? - shish75 Jan 29, 2013 flag
  • aye, niñas desafortunadas! - 0095ca4c Jan 29, 2013 flag
  • Shish....A bit different from the wise words you usually send us.....I just had breakfast but I have had enough for today. - Aranjuez12 Jan 30, 2013 flag
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enter image description here

They look like mice. Don´t you think so?

Parecen ratones.¿No lo crees?

  • Yes, I really couldn't tell the difference ;-)))) - mcl020 Jan 29, 2013 flag
  • cute. - rogspax Jan 29, 2013 flag
  • Could they be magic mushrooms? - 0095ca4c Jan 29, 2013 flag
  • Hi, Mc! Hola Roger! Hello, Margherite!! :))) - iana01 Jan 31, 2013 flag
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La dieta de la suricata consiste principalmente de insectos, pero también comen alimentos tales como, lagartos, serpientes, escorpiones, arañas, huevos, milpiés, ciempiés y muy raramente, las aves pequeñas. ¿He dicho que les gusta la sandía!

The meerkat's diet consists chiefly of insects, but they also eat foods such as, lizards, snakes, scorpions, spiders, eggs, millipedes, centipedes and very rarely, small birds. Did I mention they like watermelon!

enter image description here

  • "la suricata... pero tambien se alimenta de, lagartos... raramente, [ ]aves pequeñas"" - maestroanton Jan 29, 2013 flag
  • We already guessed that watermelon from the picture ;-)) I really like it that you present us with a whole zoo :-)))) - mcl020 Jan 29, 2013 flag
  • In both ends and out the middle :-) - 0095ca4c Jan 29, 2013 flag
  • muy interesante, Bandita, me gustan estos banditos. - Aranjuez12 Jan 30, 2013 flag
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enter image description here

A book is like a magic carpet that takes you to marvellous new places.

Un libro es como una alformbra mágica que te lleva a maravillosos y nuevos lugares. nuevos.

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No hay nada como la risa de un bebé.

There is nothing like the laughter of a baby.

enter image description here

  • Sweet, as long as it doesn't start crying.. - annierats Jan 29, 2013 flag
  • Jeez, all you folks are putting in much cuter shots than I am. I better up my game. - rogspax Jan 29, 2013 flag
  • yes, especially in flight. - 0095ca4c Jan 29, 2013 flag
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Una de estas cosas no es como la otra. One of these things is not like the other.

enter image description here

  • how strange.... a cat on a cushion - Aranjuez12 Jan 30, 2013 flag
  • Ehhhh ..... No I have to give up, cannot find it ;-) - mcl020 Jan 30, 2013 flag
  • ; ) - RichSean1725 Jan 30, 2013 flag
  • That is awesome. I have deer but not this close. - 0095ca4c Jan 31, 2013 flag
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No hay muchas cosas en la vida que te puedan emocionar como nadar con una vaca.

There are few things in life which can be as exciting for you as( like) swimming with a cow.

enter image description here

3 Vote

The best things in life are the moments that take our breath away, like falling in love.

Las mejores cosas de la vida son los momentos que nos quitan el aliento como enamorarse.

enter image description here

  • Yes!!!!! - mcl020 Jan 29, 2013 flag
  • or taking your very first photo of a humongous sting ray in the wild :-) - 0095ca4c Jan 29, 2013 flag
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Nada es tan bueno como un paseo en moto con mis mejores amigos. ¡Solo en Harleys, por supuesto!

Nothing is as good as a motorcycle ride with my best friends. Only on Harleys, of course!

enter image description here

  • Oh, so you're the harley man... - rac1 Jan 30, 2013 flag
  • Can you tell Harley-drivers by their O-legs??? ;-)) Huge machines!!! - mcl020 Jan 30, 2013 flag
  • I'm the one! :)) - Noetol Jan 31, 2013 flag
  • While you were riding, did you ever get 'the look' from a Hell's Angel? - 0095ca4c Jan 31, 2013 flag
  • Not many Angels where I live. I've never had prpblems with the MC me,brs. - Noetol Feb 1, 2013 flag
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Todos los gemelos no son necesariamente como cada otro.

All twins are not necessarily like each other.

enter image description here

  • Nice smiles! - mcl020 Jan 30, 2013 flag
  • "No todos los gemelos se parecen entre sí" - maestroanton Jan 30, 2013 flag
  • I love to see kids in school uniforms although I absolutely hated mine. :-) - 0095ca4c Jan 31, 2013 flag
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No hay nadie como los irlandeses.(Asi dicen los irlandeses)

There is no one like the Irish. ( So say the Irish)

2 Vote

One side of my living room is not quite like a normal one.

Un lado de mi sala no es exactamente como normal.

Uno de los lados de mi sala no es tan normal como el otro.

enter image description here

  • We now are all curious about the not normal side ;-))) Hahahaha - mcl020 Jan 29, 2013 flag
  • Ultracute bike ;-)))) But but but: at least it's a lot cuter than Shishy's monsters! - mcl020 Jan 29, 2013 flag
  • Ooooo. do you allow passengers? :-) - 0095ca4c Jan 29, 2013 flag
  • The other side has a harley! - rac1 Jan 29, 2013 flag
  • Thanks for the correction Maestro. THiS is the non normal side (by most peoples' standards). Rest is pretty normal. LOTs of book shelves, stereo, TV, a couple vintage armoires for my many moto jackets. Boringly normal except maybe for a helmet shelf - rogspax Jan 29, 2013 flag
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In my whole life, I have never known anyone like you.

En toda me vida, nunca he conocido a nadie como tú.

no one like you

  • Romantic, Margherite ;-) - mcl020 Jan 29, 2013 flag
  • Muy romántico ! : ) - rac1 Jan 29, 2013 flag
  • "E n toda m i vida..." - maestroanton Jan 29, 2013 flag
  • Gracias maestroantonio! haya corregido mi error. - 0095ca4c Jan 29, 2013 flag
  • Yes, quite romantic. Ones life has been a good one if they can say that and it's always a positive thing :) Congrats! - rogspax Jan 29, 2013 flag
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No creo que le guste estar arreglado como un conejo.

No creo que le guste estar acicalado como un conejo.

I don't he likes to be dressed up as a rabbit.

enter image description here

  • Hola Aranjuez, tu oración es gramaticalmente correcta pero le falta sentido. - maestroanton Jan 30, 2013 flag
  • Quizá quieres decir "estar a c i c a l a d o como un conejo." - maestroanton Jan 30, 2013 flag
  • Arannnn, your picture isn't showing ; - ( And I do want to see that rabbit!!! ;-) - mcl020 Jan 30, 2013 flag
  • @Maestro Sí Quise usar una otra palabra que el "disfraz" o disfrazar pero nunca he usado esta palabra. ¡una nueva palabra! gracias ;-) - Aranjuez12 Jan 30, 2013 flag
  • I'm still waiting to see that rabbit Aranjuez. :-) - 0095ca4c Jan 31, 2013 flag
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