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Contribute by giving your 2 most favourite singers name from each spanish speaking country that you know of and not more than 10 of your favourite song names. If possible, please give the full lyrics. I want to know because I am very interested in Spanish songs. My favourite are Shakira and Enrique whose many songs I know and can sing too. My favourite songs are 'Moscas en la casa" "estoy aqui", "ojos asi", "esperanza", "Desnudo", "Alguin como tu" Thanks in Advance.

  • Posted Jan 13, 2008
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  • Hola ! Estoy de vuelta ! Thanks for the contributions from all of you guys. Please keep more coming. Based on the suggestions and some songs I heard on the profiles of the members, my singer and song list has got greatly enhanced. - Vijay Aug 30, 2009 flag
  • I have heard Luis Miguel, Miguel Bose', Luis Fonsi, Barbara Munios, Il Divo, Tizziano Ferro, Mana' and many more. I can now sing more than 100 Spanish songs by Heart. Thanks - Vijay Aug 30, 2009 flag
  • I looooove Barbara Munoz, Mienteme is an awesome song!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - LAtINaPunKRO Aug 30, 2009 flag
  • Only 5 votes? - TheSilentHer May 2, 2010 flag

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uumm let me think..

-Tizziano Ferro
-La Quinta Estación
-Ricky Martin
-Cafe Tacuba


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I love all of the following songs:

mana (mexico) - en el muelle de san blas, mariposa traicionera, sabanas frias
malpais (costa rica) - malpais
cafe tacuba (mexico) - eres, quiero ver
juanes (colombia) - a dios le pido, la paga, la noche, fotografia (con Nelly Furtado who has a song is spanish too with Juanes called "te busque")
jarabe de palo (spain) - dejame vivir, bonito, depende, a lo loco, el lunar de maria
julieta venegas (mexico) - lo que venga despues, lento, andar conmigo, oleada

try this for fun: Micheal Polk (us) - one semester spanish love song
this one will make you laugh.

  • Me encanta las canciones de Jarabe De Palo :) - Felixlynx Apr 4, 2011 flag
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Guantanamera is one of my favorites
you can hear it here.
The lyrics are there also but the translation is not too good.
Wikipedia has a good translation http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guantanamera#Lyrics


  • I also love that song Guantanamera. It was the version of the Sandpipers that I was used to hearing in my teen years. So long ago... - Rikko Mar 17, 2010 flag
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Here's one of my favourite cuban songs in one of many fabulous versions: Veinte Años performed by Bebo Valdez y Diego el Cigala. They have a magnificent album called 'Lagrimas Negras' in which they perform songs from all over the Latin world. Diego is Spanish and Bebo is Cuban.

There are some wonderful modern tango singers. Two of my favourites are Sandra Luna and Horacio Avilano. Here is Sandra Luna singing the vals 'Que nadie sepa mi sufrir'. There are lots of versions of this song on YouTube so I suspect it is quite popular. Los Lobos do a pretty cool version on their album 'La pistola y el corazon'. Here are the lyrics. BTW I am pretty sure that this was written by Argentines so I am not sure why it is often referred to as a vals peruano. Can anyone clear this up?

There are way too many fabulous tango lyrics to pick out only one or two. However at the moment, one of my favourites is [url=http://www.lyricsspot.com/jos+gonz+lez+castillo-sobre+el+pucho-lyrics-1059494.html]Sobre el pucho[/url].

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I have also translated Cuesta Abajo, a favorite. Tell me what you think. So much is implied, it is difficult to do it justice. One does get hung up in literal translation, but it is just not possible.
Although I have dragged through out the world
The shame of a has-been
And the sorrow of failure,

Under the brim of my hat
How many times, hidden,
A tear slipped out
That I could not hold back ?

Whether I traveled life's paths
As an outcast whom Destiny
Was determined to destroy,
I may have been careless,
I may have been blind,


Today I only want for you to recognize
The value of one who has
The courage to love

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No, I haven't seen the movie. What's it called? I am not sure about the first sentence? what first sentence? 'mas como que' doesn't ring true in my head. Cuesta Arriba sounds like a good play on words. Gardel's emotional expressions seem to capture painful and almost divine experiences that ring with authenticity. Another composer that is in this league is Agustin Lara. Aah words! Feeling then expressing, whew!

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A slight correction:

Elvis Crespo, and the song is titled 'Suavemente'

Great song, anytime it's played at a wedding in my family, the dance floor is immediately flooded.

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My favorites are:
El Cantante (Hector Lavoe)
Que Leo (Hector... again)
There's one more but I can't remember.

And Hector Lavoe isn't alive anymore, but he was the creator of Salsa (the music genre)

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Personally, I LOVE Daddy Yankee and Wisin y Yandel.
My favorite Daddy songs are No Me Dejes Solo, Soy Lo Que Soy, y Bring it On.
A Cuban song I really like is Gaujira by Yerba Buena.
Also, El Estuche, by Los Aterciopelados.

  • I love El Estuche, also Yo Te Quiero by Winsin y Yandel! - rodneyp Oct 12, 2011 flag
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Por eso, debo clasificar mi comentario teniendo en cuenta la dificultad añadida de escribir acerca de los textos de alguien que escribe sobre algo que desconozco ( pero tengo ganas de conocer).

This is a difficult sentence, but I hope you understand.

  • I didn't actually write this...not sure what it is supposed to mean, since it seems to have nothing to do with the question...I don't know how to take it out, but I wanted to say that I didn't write it. - Carol Nov 19, 2010 flag
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tengo dos canciones favoritas
1) En el Muelle de San Blas-Mana
2) Sombras-Javier Solis (an oldie but goodie)

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demasiadas para escribirlas aquí !!

les recomiendo la musica de Miguel Bose, Luis Miguel, ellos tienen melodías calmadas y muy facil de comprender.

Saludos! =)

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One really good punk/rock/pop group from Argentina is Infierno 18, I love they're songs "Ella lo Hace" and "Recuerdos de Mi Vida."


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El Canto Del Loco smile
-Por ti

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There was a song very popular here in the Philippines in the 50s and 60s. It's Ernesto Lecuona's "Noche Azul". I don't know if anyone else here has heard of it, but almost everyone who played the piano here then would play it. I would also hear it on the radio very often. Even us children then could hum the tune. So, if the criteria is popularity, Noche Azul should qualify, but maybe only in my country.

  • I seen to remember the title but I am not familiiar with the song. What was popular at that time in my part of the country was Besame Mucho and other Julio Iglesia songs.Nice to meet you here. - Lorna-Gray May 23, 2010 flag
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