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Not real sure how it's spelled, but would like a definition for it. It's chapparita or chaparrita.

  • Posted Apr 9, 2008
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slang for short. Used for short females. A pet name for a short woman or short girl, "shorty." Usually used as a pet name within a Mexican family as a sign of affection for a little girl.

  • Perhaps it's not offensive to you, but it can be, and I felt it appropriate to point out. Note I did not flag you. And the definition you used shows up at UD, exact same wording and all... http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=chaparrita - nuxita Apr 9, 2010 flag
  • I asked how offensive "latin" is, please see the responses here "http://bit.ly/d4W0MT" - Neago Apr 9, 2010 flag
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We actually have a member here known as Chaparrito. Ironically, he claims to be tall.

By the way, where have you been Chaparitto? We miss you! smile

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Hi Nuxita

You had no reason to edit Neago´s answer. I have reinstated the original as I can see nothing wrong with it. As a retaliation to your edit, Neago has flagged your comment.

Would you please both treat editing and flagging with caution as it will only cause bad feeling.

  • I did not edit anyone's answer. I don't know where you get this from. - nuxita Apr 11, 2010 flag
  • In fact, it shows quite clearly that Neago made the edit. - nuxita Apr 11, 2010 flag
  • Sorry about that. I was sure I saw your profile picture on the post. Must get new glasses, hehe. - Eddy Apr 11, 2010 flag
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Exactly Nicole, Chaparrito seems to have disappeared. I opened a thread about that but, unluckily, it didn't arouse much interest :( Where is Maestro?? smile

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Thank you very much. I've been forever trying to figure this one out.

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Are some timestamps incorrect or is this question actually two years old?

I just now noticed that the original question and followup response from juanita are much older than any of the answers given. Odd.

  • Her profile says she joined SpanishDict on April 9 2008 - can't be right can it? - ian-hill Apr 9, 2010 flag
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Her profile says she joined SpanishDict on April 9 2008 - can't be right can it? - ian-hill

Yes it can, Ian, look at minewink

You joined SpanishDict (Dec 14, 2007)

  • At the moment, it says you joined on Apr 09, 2010 and that you last appeared on 2010-04-09 . You appear to have accumulated an astonishing number of "points" in a single day. - samdie Apr 9, 2010 flag
  • Especially for an eighteen-year old. - samdie Apr 9, 2010 flag
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