transitive verb
1. (to see) 
a. ver 
Let's watch a movie tonight.Veamos una película esta noche.
b. mirar 
My wife watched me while I played the piano.Mi esposa me miraba mientras tocaba el piano.
c. observar 
If you watch this scene carefully, you'll see him disappear.Si observas esta escena con atención, lo verás desaparecerse.
2. (to keep under observation) 
a. vigilar 
A teacher watches the students while they are taking the test.Un profesor vigila a los alumnos mientras hacen el examen.
3. (to be mindful of) 
a. vigilar 
You'll need to watch your weight if you go on working at that cake shop.Tendrás que vigilar tu peso si sigues trabajando en esa pastelería.
You need to watch that dog. It doesn't like children.Hay que tener cuidado con ese perro; no le gustan los niños.
Watch you don't lose your wedding ring; it looks very loose.Ten cuidado de no perder la alianza; parece que te va grande.
d. cuidado con (used as interjection) 
Watch the laptop cable!¡Cuidado con el cable del portátil!
intransitive verb
4. (to observe) 
a. mirar 
He just watched while I ate.Solo miraba mientras yo comía.
b. observar 
If you watch, you'll see that happen a lot.Si observas, verás que ocurre con mucha frecuencia.
5. (to keep guard) 
a. vigilar 
I told my man to keep watching and call me with any news.Le dije a mi hombre que siguiera vigilando y que me llamara con cualquier novedad.
6. (wristwatch) 
a. el reloj (M) 
My new watch is waterproof down to 50 meters.Mi reloj nuevo es sumergible hasta 50 metros.
7. (vigilance) 
The patient is under watch for Ebola.El paciente se encuentra bajo vigilancia por ébola.
8. (time keeping guard) 
Most of the watches in the Navy last four hours.La mayoría de las guardias en la Marina duran cuatro horas.
1. (timepiece) 
a. el reloj (M) 
2. (period of guard duty) 
a. el turno de vigilancia (M) 
3. (guard) 
a. la guardia (F) 
to be on watchestar de guardia
to keep a close watch on something/somebodyvigilar de cerca algo/a alguien
transitive verb
4. (observe) 
a. mirar, observar 
5. (film, match, program) 
a. ver 
to watch televisionver la televisión
to watch somebody doing somethingver or observar a alguien hacer algo
we are being watchednos están observando
6. (keep an eye on; children, luggage) 
a. vigilar 
7. (be careful of) 
a. tener cuidado con, vigilar 
watch your language!¡cuidado con ese lenguaje!
8. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
watch it!¡ojo (con lo que haces)!, ¡cuidado!
intransitive verb
9. (general) 
a. mirar, observar 
watch [wɒtʃ]
(wristwatch) reloj (de pulsera) (m); (pocket watch) reloj de bolsillo; leontina (f) (formal)
what does your watch say? ¿qué hora tienes?
watch [wɒtʃ]
1 (vigilance) vigilancia (f)
to keep watch hacer guardia; vigilar
while Carol was busy packing, she kept watch outside the house two officers in police car kept watch constantly outside her flat to keep watch all night
to keep watch for sth/sb estar al acecho de algo/algn
gamekeepers kept watch for poachers lookouts kept watch for police and soldiers
to keep a (close) watch on sth/sb vigilar algo/a algn (de cerca)
keep under surveillance
two gunmen were hired to keep a watch on his movements armed officers kept watch on the family's home
our task was to keep a watch on the suspect nuestra tarea consistía en vigilar al sospechoso or mantener al sospechoso bajo vigilancia
he should have been keeping watch on the girls my instructions were simply to keep a watch on your place to keep a close watch on sb/sth
US officials have been keeping a close watch on the situation los representantes del gobierno estadounidense han estado siguiendo la situación de cerca; I keep a close watch on my expenditure controlo mucho los gastos
to be [on] the watch for sth she's always on the watch for a bargain
to be on the watch for danger estar atento or alerta por si hay peligro
environmentalists will be on the watch for damage to wildlife most people are not on the watch for assassins
can you keep a watch out for Daphne? ¿puedes estar al tanto para ver cuándo viene Daphne?
he sat by the window, keeping a watch out for his father's car
to keep watch over sth/sb (keep a check on) vigilar algo/a algn; (look after) cuidar algo/a algn
soldiers kept watch over us, and they were rough at times a plea to the gods to keep watch over his loved one to be [under] watch they were always careful to keep their cars positioned a discreet distance from the windows of /the house under watch/ all air traffic in the southeast United States was kept under watch from this control centre
2 (period of duty) guardia (f)
you take the first watch monta or haz tú la primera guardia
When I handed over the first watch, it was blowing a monstrous gale, and our speed was down to a few knots
the long watches of the night las largas vigilias; officer of the watch oficial (m) de guardia; to be on watch estar de guardia; hacer guardia
apart from two men on watch in the engine room everyone was asleep
3 (guard) (Mil) (individual) centinela (m); guardia (m); (pair, group) guardia (f); (Náut) (individual) vigía (m); (pair, group) guardia (f); vigía (f); (watchman)
the night watch (in streets, flats) el sereno; (in factory) el vigilante nocturno
the night watch concluded that the electronics had developed a fault the uniformed police night watch looked around and discovered nothing amiss
transitive verb
1 (view, spectate at) [+television, programme, game, play] ver
he's watching television at the moment they watch an awful lot of television
some children watch too much television algunos niños ven demasiada televisión
shall we watch television later? there's a film I want to watch later I stayed up late to watch the film "what are you watching?" - "it's a documentary about life in Israel"
2 (observe, look at) (gen) mirar; (more attentively) observar
we were watching the skaters on the lake
Sue was watching me curiously Sue me miraba/observaba con curiosidad; now watch this closely ahora observen esto detenidamente
I would spend hours watching the clouds
watch what I do mira/observa lo que hago; watch how I do it mira/observa cómo lo hago
as spectator, casual observer we watched him score the winning goal
to watch sth/sb do sth: we watched the car turn the corner and disappear from view vimos cómo el coche torcía la esquina y desaparecía de nuestra vista; vimos al coche torcer la esquina y desaparecer de nuestra vista
we could only watch her die she watched him fill the saucepan with water I watched the train as it slowly disappeared into the distance have you ever watched him cook an omelette?
she watched me clean the gun miraba/observaba cómo limpiaba yo la pistola; just watch him run! ¡mira cómo corre!
Come in and watch me shave why don't you watch him change the tyre?
"you can't do that" — "just you watch (me)!" —no puedes hacer eso —¿que no? ¡ya verás (como puedo)!
as spectator, casual observer it's wonderful to watch the children having such fun she didn't want to watch the cows going into the abattoir
to watch sth/sb doing sth: I watched the gulls hovering overhead miraba/observaba las gaviotas cerniéndose en lo alto
to watch the clock estar pendiente del reloj
he works well but does tend to watch the clock
to watch sb like a hawk no quitar el ojo or la vista de encima a algn
it's about as exciting as watching paint dry or grass grow es para morirse de aburrimiento
a watched pot or kettle never boils quien espera desespera
3 (mind) [+children, luggage, shop] cuidar; [+soup, frying pan] echar un ojo a
parents can't be expected to watch their children 24 hours a day I could only go out if I could find someone to watch the children for me could you watch these bags for me? Chrissie was left to watch the shop while her mother went out can you watch the soup to see it doesn't boil over? could you watch the grill while I change?
watch that knife/your head/your language! ¡(ten) cuidado con ese cuchillo/la cabeza/esas palabrotas!
watch your head! /watch your head when you go upstairs/; the ceiling is very low
watch your speed ten cuidado con la velocidad; atención a la velocidad
watch your language!
watch you don't burn yourself ten cuidado de no quemarte; watch he does his homework mira de que haga los deberes
watch you don't bump your head
watch how you go! ¡ve con cuidado!
to watch [what] one says
watch what you're doing! ¡cuidado con lo que haces!; he wasn't watching where he was going no miraba por donde iba; watch it! (careful!) ¡ojo! (informal); ¡cuidado!; ¡abusado! (informal); (Méx) (threatening) ¡cuidadito! (informal)
you'd better watch it
to watch one's step ir con cuidado
4 (be mindful of) [+weight, health] cuidar; [+time] estar pendiente de
I have to watch what I eat tengo que tener cuidado con lo que como
I must watch the time as I've a train to catch
we shall have to watch our spending tendremos que vigilar or tener cuidado con los gastos
5 (monitor) [+situation, developments] seguir; [+case] seguir; vigilar; [+suspect, house, sb's movements] vigilar
human rights groups have been closely watching the case
we are being watched nos están vigilando; Big Brother is watching you el Gran Hermano te vigila; he needs watching hay que vigilarlo; a new actor to be watched un nuevo actor muy prometedor; watch this space estén pendientes, les mantendremos informados; "so is the row over?" — "watch this space" —¿se ha terminado la pelea? —eso habrá que verlo
Watch this space this week if you want to know more about place names
intransitive verb
1 (observe) mirar; (attentively) observar
he's only come to watch as she watched, the plane burst into flames I watched as the truck began to move
somebody was watching at the window alguien estaba mirando/observando desde la ventana; he could only sit and watch as his team lost 2-0 no pudo hacer más que sentarse y ver como su equipo perdía 2 a 0
the government has little choice but to watch and wait Attempts to tow the vessel away from the rocks failed and the islanders could only watch and wait he'll be here soon, just you watch
2 (wait, be alert)
for sth/sb expected
I was watching for the plumber estaba atento esperando a que llegara el fontanero
to watch for sth to happen I was watching for him to leave for work in case sth happens we'll be watching [for] any developments watch for the tell-tale signs like lipstick on the collar he warns them to watch for rebel ambushes and mines we were watching for an enemy ambush
he's watching to see what you're going to do está pendiente de lo que vas a hacer
to watch for sb [to] do sth I was watching for him to leave the house
3 (keep watch)
to watch by sb's bedside velar a algn
Watch Night (n) (in Protestant church) Nochevieja (f)
watch night service (n) misa (f) de fin de año
watch out
tener cuidado; ir con cuidado
you'll get fat if you don't watch out te pondrás gordo como no tengas cuidado
men had better watch out with her around! then you'd better watch out! the casinos in Las Vegas had better watch out because I'm obviously on a lucky streak
watch out! (be careful) ¡(ten) cuidado!; ¡abusado! (informal); (Méx) (threatening) ¡cuidadito!
to watch out [for] sth/sb be on the alert for I've been watching out for the postman watch out for typos
watch out for thieves cuidado con los ladrones
watch out for that hole in the road
to watch out for trouble estar alerta or al acecho por si hay problemas
watch over
intransitive verb
1 (look after) [+person] velar por; [+sb's rights, safety] velar por; mirar por
God is watching over me Dios vela por mí
you're not going to have parents watching over you forever I was comforting and watching over my mother throughout the night a doctor and a nurse who watched over the sick man to watch over the safety of the country
to watch over sb's interests velar or mirar por los intereses de algn
2 (monitor) supervisar
the monitoring team will also attempt to watch overefforts to distribute food 500 foreign observers are watching over the voting foreign observers came to Romania to watch over the voting
3 (guard) vigilar
to watch over a property it was his job,to watch over the objects on display he is watching over the store while it's closed the prison warders who watched over him
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