1. (bothered) 
a. molesto 
The neighbors were upset by the sounds of the party.Los vecinos estaban molestos a causa de los sonidos de la fiesta.
He was upset when I told him I didn't want to see him anymore.Estaba disgustado cuando le dije que no lo quería volver a ver.
2. (distressed) 
a. alterado 
She's always so upset when she sees an animal suffering.Siempre está tan alterada cuando ve un animal sufrir.
3. (offended) 
a. ofendido 
He's been upset ever since I joked about his height.Ha estado ofendido desde que hice un chiste sobre su altura.
4. (disturbance) 
His mother's passing caused him to suffer a severe emotional upset.La muerte de su mamá le hizo sufrir un tremendo trastorno emocional.
5. (unexpected result) 
The larger school suffered an upset against their less-fancied opposition in the tournament.La universidad más grande sufrió una derrota inesperada contra sus adversarios subestimados en el torneo.
6. (illness) 
She was complaining of a stomach upset after eating ten tacos.Se quejó de un malestar del estómago después de comer diez tacos.
transitive verb
7. (to disturb emotionally) 
a. molestar 
Seeing her boyfriend kissing another girl upset her for days.Ver a su novio besándose con otra muchacha la molestó durante días.
8. (to offend) 
a. ofender 
Your comments about how terrible cats are really upset me.Tus comentarios sobre lo malo que son los gatos verdaderamente me ofendieron.
9. (to distress) 
a. alterar 
It upsets me to see you so ill.Me alterá verte tan enfermo.
10. (to make ill) 
I like spicy food, but it upsets my stomach.Me gusta la comida picante, pero me sienta mal al estómago.
b. caer mal 
The butter chicken he ordered at the bar upset his stomach.El pollo a la mantequilla que pidió en el bar le cayó mal.
11. (to complicate plans) 
Her aunt's unexpected visit completely upset her plans.La visita inesperada de su tía le trastornó completamente los planes.
12. (to knock over) 
a. volcar 
He upset the wineglasses when he bumped into the table.Volcó las copas de vino cuando chocó contra la mesa.
1. (disturbance) 
a. el trastorno (M) 
2. (surprise) 
a. el resultado inesperado (M) 
to have a stomach upsettener el estómago mal
transitive verb
3. (liquid, container) 
a. tirar, volcar 
4. (person) 
a. disgustar 
5. (plans, schedule) 
a. trastornar, alterar 
the least thing upsets himse disgusta por cualquier cosa
6. (unhappy) 
a. disgustado(a) 
to be upset about somethingestar disgustado por algo
to have an upset stomachtener el estómago mal
upsetupset (past)
transitive verb
1 (knock over) [+object] volcar; tirar; [+liquid] derramar; tirar; [+boat] volcar
to upset the applecart desbaratar los planes; desbaratar el tinglado (informal)
we may achieve this if the accords announced in early 1989 are adhered to, and if China and other developing countries don't upset the applecart If my team refused to accept my way of working, I'd tell them that I would not tolerate someone upsetting the applecart and, if necessary, they would have to be removed from the decision-making process
2 (distress) afectar; (hurt, make sad) disgustar; (offend) ofender; disgustar
the news upset her a lot la noticia la afectó mucho; it upset me that he forgot my birthday me disgustó que se olvidara de mi cumpleaños; I didn't mean to upset her no quería ofenderla or disgustarla
people who are easily upset may prefer not to watch puede que las personas que se impresionen fácilmente prefieran no mirar
Monica described herself as very emotional and easily upset I didn't tell you about the accident because I didn't want to upset you it would upset her if you didn't go his off-hand manner upset me don't let her upset you//. Tact was never her strong point
to upset o.s.
you'll only upset yourself if you see him no harás más que cogerte un disgusto si te ves con él; there now, don't upset yourself venga, no te disgustes
3 (disrupt) [+plans, calculations] dar al traste con; desbaratar
this could upset the balance of power in the region esto podría alterar el equilibrio de poderes en la región
hunting upsets the balance of nature this could upset the balance of bacteria in the body
4 (make ill) sentar mal a; enfermar; (LAm)
garlic upsets me/my stomach el ajo no me sienta bien
1 [ʌpˈset] (distressed) alterado; (hurt, sad) disgustado; (offended) ofendido; disgustado; (annoyed) molesto
he's upset that you didn't tell him se disgustó or se molestó porque no se lo dijiste
she's upset about failing está disgustada por haber suspendido
what are you so upset about? ¿qué es lo que te ha disgustado tanto?
to get upset (distressed) alterarse; (hurt) disgustarse; (offended) ofenderse; (annoyed) enfadarse
don't get upset, they didn't take anything no te alteres, no se llevaron nada; she gets upset when she sees anyone suffering la afecta mucho ver a alguien sufriendo; lo pasa muy mal or sufre mucho si ve a alguien sufriendo; he gets very upset if I don't ring him every day se pone fatal or lo pasa fatal si no lo llamo todos los días (informal)
don't get upset - he didn't mean it
2 [ˈʌpset] (sick)
I have an upset stomach tengo el estómago revuelto
1 (disturbance) contratiempo (m)
she has had to deal with many upsets in her personal life su vida ha estado llena de contratiempos or reveses
When we are tired small upsets that we would normally take in our stride become enormously upsetting In a country which has seen so many political upsets (and administrative purges) it is scarcely surprising
she has had her fair share of upsets in the past few weeks ya ha tenido bastantes disgustos en las últimas semanas; people who are prone to emotional upsets las personas propensas a trastornos emocionales
people who are prone to depression, emotional upsets and anxiety
2 (Dep) (Pol) (unexpected result) derrota (f) sorpresa
she defeated her in one of the most memorable upsets of the 1969 Wimbledon games they caused one of the biggest upsets ever by beating Austria 1-0 The voters said something yesterday with upsets in Pennsylvania and Mississippi
3 (illness) malestar (m)
stomach upset malestar (m) de estómago
to have a stomach upset tener el estómago revuelto
upset price (n) especially (Scot) (US) precio (m) mínimo; precio (m) de reserva
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