1. (killing) 
There was a murder in this street a few days ago.Hubo un asesinato en esta calle hace unos días.
The defendant was found guilty of murder.Al acusado lo declararon culpable de homicidio.
2. (colloquial) (figurative) (something difficult) 
a. la muerte (F) (figurative) 
The exam was absolute murder.El examen fue una auténtica muerte.
b. la friega (F) (colloquial) (Mexico) 
The traffic on the beltway is murder.El tráfico en el periférico es una friega.
c. la tortura (F) (figurative) 
Mowing the lawn in August is murder.Cortar el césped en agosto es una tortura.
transitive verb
3. (to kill) 
a. asesinar 
The prisoner of war planned to murder his captors.El prisionero de guerra planeó asesinar a sus captores.
b. matar 
The employee failed in his attempt to murder his boss.El empleado falló en su intento de matar a su jefe.
4. (to ruin) 
a. destrozar 
Film remakes of classic movies often murder the original work.Las nuevas versiones de las películas clásicas suelen destrozar la obra original.
5. (colloquial) (to consume) 
I could murder a coffee right now.Ahora mismo daría cualquier cosa por un café.
"I could murder a glass of water," said the castaway."Me muero por un vaso de agua," dijo el náufrago.
intransitive verb
6. (to kill) 
a. matar 
It is always wrong to murder.Siempre está mal matar.
1. (killing) 
a. el asesinato (M) 
2. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
she gets away with murderse le consiente cualquier cosa
murder casecausa de or juicio por asesinato
murder inquiryinvestigación de un asesinato
3. (colloquial) 
a. la tortura (F) (difficult task) 
finding a parking place on a Saturday is murderbuscar estacionamiento or
transitive verb
4. (kill) 
a. asesinar 
5. (fam fig) 
a. no direct translation 
I'll murder you (for that)!¡te voy a matar!
6. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
I could murder a beer/a pizza!¡me muero por una cerveza/una pizza!
7. (ruin; song, tune) 
a. destrozar 
murder [ˈmɜːdəʳ]
1 asesinato (m); (Jur) homicidio (m)
a series of brutal murders
accused of murder acusado de homicidio
to commit murder cometer un asesinato or un crimen
they were charged with conspiracy to commit murder I didn't hate him enough to do murder the murder was done committed around 10 pm if he didn't do the murder, who did? there's murder being done out there
first-degree murdermurder in the first degree homicidio (m) premeditado; homicidio (m) en primer grado
he faces five counts of first-degree murder they had enough evidence to win a conviction of first-degree murder first-degree murder or capital murder cases, in which the death penalty is being requested
second-degree murdermurder in the second degree homicidio (m) en segundo grado
if the killing was unlawful and was done with malice, the defendant would be guilty of second degree murder
the murder weapon el arma homicida
on the way back to the hotel he had disposed of the murder weapon detectives were still looking for the murder weapon, believed to be a single blade knife
murder will out todo termina por saberse
"did you have a good holiday?" — "no, it was murder!" —¿pasaste unas buenas vacaciones? —¡no, lo pasé fatal (informal) or fueron horribles!; the noise/heat in here is murder el ruido que hay aquí/el calor que hace aquí es insoportable; the roads were murder las carreteras estaban hasta los topes (informal)
this job is murder
to scream or shout blue or bloody murder poner el grito en el cielo
Johnnie started screaming blue murder when he saw the syringe they'll scream bloody murder if they aren't consulted their warriors descended on us brandishing pennoned spears and screaming blue murder
to get away with murder
if you don't testify he's going to get away with murder
she lets the children get away with murder a los niños les consiente todo; a los niños les deja hacer lo que les da la gana (informal)
cars and trucks are lethal weapons which allow dangerous drivers to get away with murder, said a leading road safety campaigner yesterday in this part of the world a potential aggressor can literally get away with murder his charm and the fact that he is so likeable allow him to get away with murder
transitive verb
1 [+person] asesinar; matar; ultimar; (LAm)
the murdered man el hombre asesinado
the murdered woman the body of a murdered religious and political leader a thriller about two men who murder a third to see if they can get away with it
2 [+song, music, play, language] destrozar; cargarse (informal); [+opponent] aniquilar (informal)
we got murdered by United last Saturday he got up on the stage and proceeded to murder a piece of Chopin linguistic purists are accusing the French authorities of sitting by while their language is murdered
3 (really enjoy)
I could murder a beer/a cup of tea daría cualquier cosa por una cerveza/una taza de té
intransitive verb
cometer asesinatos; matar
what is it that leads people to murder? they laid waste the country, murdering, raping and pillaging as they went
murder case (n) caso (m) de asesinato or homicidio
she is the suspect in a murder case he is famous for solving murder cases you can't prove a murder case without the body
murder charge (n) acusación (f) por asesinato or homicidio
he is wanted on murder charges lo buscan por asesinato
women undergoing abortions could face capital murder charges the murder charge against Beckwith was dismissed in 1969 murder inquiry, murder investigation they were probing the death but stressed it was not a murder investigation we've absolutely no hard evidence to warrant a murder investigation
Murder Squad (n) brigada (f) de homicidios
murder squad detectives searched his home the investigations are being conducted not by the CID or the ordinary murder squad but by Chief Inspector Brian King of the Special Branch
murder trial (n) juicio (m) por asesinato
she is sceduled to testify in a murder trial the Charles Manson murder trial
murder victim (n) víctima (f) de un asesinato or homicidio
murder victim Helen Gorrie's killer should hang, says her father Kevin mckearney, 32, became Ulster's first murder victim of the New Year they retraced the last steps of the murder victim
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