1. (job) 
a. la tarea (F) 
I have a list of tasks that I need to complete today.Tengo una lista de tareas que necesito completar hoy.
2. (duty) 
a. el deber (M) 
As a manager, she is responsible for a lot of daily tasks.Como gerente, ella es responsable de muchos deberes diarios.
transitive verb
3. (to assign a task to) 
a. asignar 
I was tasked with getting decorations for the party.Fui asignado a conseguir las decoraciones para la fiesta.
b. encargar 
My boss tasked me with writing a glossary.Mi jefe me encargó escribir un glosario.
1. (general) 
a. la tarea (F) 
to take somebody to task for (doing) somethingreprender a alguien por (haber hecho) algo
task [tɑːsk]
1 (job) tarea (f)
I had to keep the children amused, which was no easy task tenía que entretener a los niños, lo cual no era tarea fácil
our first task is to set up a committee Walker had \the unenviable task of breaking the bad news\ to Hill Richard had the difficult task of phoning our family and friends to tell them what had happened the endless task of classifying and ordering the samples I can't go out until I've done a few tasks at home the teacher set the pupils several tasks for their homework
to give or set sb the task of doing sth pedir a algn que haga algo
I was given the task of sharpening the pencils Scotland Yard's Anti-Terrorist Branch has been given the task of co-ordinating all investigations into the campaign
to take sb to task (for sth) reprender or regañar a algn (por algo); llamar a algn a capítulo (por algo) (formal)
we've always been taken to task for appearing not to have any opinions many Japanese newspapers took the government to task for not offering a formal apology
2 (function, stated aim) cometido (m)
it was the task of the army to maintain order mantener el orden era el cometido del ejército
3 (Comput) tarea (f)
transitive verb
to task sb with sth hacer que algn se encargue de algo
She's the head of the women's council here, tasked with helping the families of officers make ends meet a US armoured division would be tasked with defending a front of perhaps 40 km Graham Sayer, a member of the Thames Valley police, was tasked with minding Roger Dennhart, a professional armed robber
task force (n) (Mil) destacamento (m) especial; (Náut) fuerza (f) expedicionaria; (working group) grupo (m) de trabajo
the organization now has 11 task forces on specific issues - education, racial harmony and so on
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tarea diaria
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