transitive verb
1. (to provide) 
My farm supplies local markets.Mi granja suministra a los mercados locales.
b. proveer 
The fresh water initiative supplies clean water to everyone in the village.La iniciativa de agua fresca provee agua limpia a todos en el pueblo.
The army will supply the troops with all the necessary equipment.El ejército aprovisionará a las tropas con todo el equipo necesario.
The foundation supplies families with education, three meals a day, and health care.La fundación proporciona a las familias educación, tres comidas al día y sanidad.
2. (to meet) 
The small coffee distributor cannot supply the coffee shop's demand.El distribuidor pequeño de café no puede satisfacer la demanda del café.
b. suplir 
The company supplied three hundred classrooms with new chalkboards.La compañía suplió pizarras nuevas a trescientos salones de clases.
3. (stock) 
The manager only ordered a month's supply.El gerente solo pidió un suministro de un mes.
The chocolate store almost ran out of supply on Valentine's day.La chocolatería casi se agotó de reservas en el día de San Valentín.
4. (finance) 
a. la oferta (F) 
The market is governed by the law of supply and demand.El mercado se rige por la ley de la oferta y la demanda.
plural noun
5. (provisions) 
The supplies won't last the whole winter if more snow comes.Las provisiones no durarán todo el invierno si nieva más.
We need to buy supplies for the trip.Tenemos que comprar víveres para el viaje.
The company specializes in military supplies.La empresa es especialista en suministros militares.
d. los pertrechos (M) (military) 
During the war, women raised money to buy supplies for the soldiers.Durante la guerra, las mujeres recaudaban dinero para comprar pertrechos para los soldados.
Someone has been stealing kitchen supplies from the warehouse where I work.Alguien está robando artículos de cocina del almacén donde trabajo.
1. (general) 
a. el abastecimiento m, suministro (M) 
a week's/a month's supply (of something)reservas (de algo) para una semana/un mes
petrol is in short supplyescasean los suministros de gasolina
2. (economics) 
a. no direct translation 
supply and demandla oferta y la demanda
3. (military) 
a. no direct translation 
supply lineslíneas de abastecimiento
4. (nautical) 
a. no direct translation 
supply shipbuque nodriza
5. (school) (United Kingdom) 
a. no direct translation 
supply teacherprofesor(ora) suplente or interino(a)
transitive verb
6. (general) 
a. no direct translation 
to supply somebody with something, to supply something to somebodysuministrar algo a alguien
to supply somebody's needssatisfacer las necesidades de alguien
supply [səˈplaɪ]
1 (stock, amount) [of oil, coal, water] reservas (f); existencias (f); [of goods, merchandise] existencias (f)
America has a 300-year supply of coal América tiene reservas or existencias de carbón para 300 años; oil supplies are running low las reservas de petróleo se están agotando
there are large supplies of oil in the North Sea
he must have used up his supply of drugs by now ahora ya debe haber agotado todas sus reservas or existencias de medicamentos
he seems to have a never-ending supply of champagne
he had only a small supply of gin left solo le quedaba una pequeña cantidad de ginebra; a three-month supply of drugs medicinas suficientes para tres meses
an adequate supply of food suficientes víveres or provisiones
plan your garden so that you have a supply of fresh vegetables all year round there's no more than two weeks' supply of food left in the country petrol and food supplies in the capital have also been running low I exhausted my supply of tears a long time ago
we need a fresh supply of coffee nos hace falta proveernos de café
they seem to have an inexhaustible supply of ammunition parece que tengan una reserva inagotable de municiones
to lay in a supply of sth proveerse de algo; hacer provisión de algo
a limited supply of fine wines existencias limitadas de buenos vinos
there is a plentiful supply of fish in the river en el río hay peces en abundancia
to be in short supply escasear
vegetables are in short supply hay escasez de verduras; escasean las verduras
2 supplies (provisions) provisiones (f); víveres (m); (Mil) pertrechos (m)
the country's only supplies are those it can import by lorry from Vietnam They tried to stop supplies reaching the guerrillas
supplies are still being flown into the capital aún se están llevando provisiones or víveres a la capital por aire
supplies were flown in recently France and Germany have said they're preparing to send emergency supplies to the drought-stricken area
emergency supplies provisiones (f) de emergencia
food supplies víveres (m); provisiones (f)
China agreed to send [emergency] supplies of food
medical supplies suministros (m) médicos
office supplies materiales (m) or artículos (m) de oficina
3 (provision) suministro (m)
Most houses now have indoor lavatories and a hot water supply.
the supply of fuel to the engine el suministro de combustible al motor
the brain requires a constant supply of oxygen supply of the first 850 tractors was soon arranged
electricity/gas supply suministro de electricidad/gas
500,000 people had their electricity and gas supplies disrupted More electricity engineers have been drafted into the area to help restore power supplies
blood supply (Fisiol) riego (m) sanguíneo
4 (Economics) oferta (f)
supply and demand la oferta y la demanda
the laws of supply and demand
5 (Parl) provisión (f) financiera
to vote supplies votar créditos
transitive verb
1 (provide) [+merchandise, goods, materials, food] suministrar; proporcionar; [+information] facilitar; proporcionar
an agreement not to produce or supply chemical weapons
Japan will supply the materials Japón suministrará or proporcionará los materiales; he accused the company of supplying arms to terrorists acusó a la empresa de suministrar or proporcionar armas a grupos terroristas
They were trying to build the biggest gun in the world with materials supplied by British companies the firm supplies beer to 4,000 taverns and stores in Milwaukee they supplied food for use in the factory's canteen aid agencies were appealing for more than three million dollars in emergency aid, to supply food, drugs, blankets and water purification equipment a journalist who supplies news to foreign agencies
supply the missing word and win a prize adivine la palabra que falta y gane un premio
could you supply me with further information about the position?
she supplied the vital clue ella nos dio la pista esencial; I supplied the feminine intuition yo aportaba la intuición femenina; the arteries that supply blood to the heart las arterias que llevan la sangre al corazón; las arterias que irrigan el corazón
to supply sb with [+merchandise, equipment] suministrar algo a algn; proporcionar algo a algn; [+services] proveer a algn de algo; [+information] facilitar algo a algn
the Government has agreed to supply Israel with arms much of the material supplied to the army was faulty Most of the cost will be in transporting troops and equipment to the region and supplying them once they are there these birds soon went to nest after I supplied them with wicker nest baskets a Minnesota defense company that supplied ammunition for US forces in the Persian Gulf
they kept us supplied with milk/vegetables nos fueron abasteciendo de leche/verduras
obviously people were supplying him (with drugs) a pipeline which will supply the major Greek cities Russia has tried to go on supplying Armenia with oil and gas listed in this chapter are the main organizations that will supply you with a registered list of practitioners
2 (satisfy) [+need] satisfacer; [+want] suplir
who will supply their needs? The Americans can supply the need for drugs and medical equipment in the areas controlled by them
route, line, ship
supply dump (n) (Mil) intendencia (f)
supply line (n) línea (f) de abastecimiento
supply route (n) ruta (f) de abastecimiento
supply ship (n) buque (m) de abastecimiento
supply teacher (n) (Britain) profesoraprofesora (m) (f) suplente;a profesora profesoraprofesora (m) (f) sustitutoasustituta;a profesora a sustituta
they're looking for a supply vicar
supply teaching (n) (Britain) suplencias (f)
You would need to be available for supply teaching for at least ten working days per year
supply truck (n) camión (m) de abastecimiento
Britain has a dozen warships and supply vessels in the area
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