1. (movement) 
a. el paso (M) 
He took a step toward her.Dio un paso hacia ella.
2. (measure) 
a. la medida (F) 
We have taken all necessary steps to ensure that the house is secure.Tomamos todas las medidas necesarias para asegurarnos de que la casa está segura.
b. el paso (M) 
The next step is to work out how much you can afford.El próximo paso es calcular cuánto puedes pagar.
3. (stair) 
a. el escalón (M) (of a staircase) 
Be careful, the steps are very steep.Tenga cuidado, los escalones son muy empinados.
b. el peldaño (M) (of a ladder) 
I recommend that you don't use the top step of the ladder.Recomiendo que no utilices el peldaño más alto de la escalera.
4. (short distance) 
a. el paso (M) 
He was now only a step away from his target.Ya estaba solo a un paso de su objetivo.
5. (music) (United States) 
a. el tono (M) 
Is there a step or a half step between these two notes?¿Hay un tono o un semitono entre estas dos notas?
intransitive verb
6. (to take a step) 
a. no direct translation 
Could you step onto the scale, please?Suba a la báscula, por favor.
I stepped out of the boat.Bajé del barco.
7. (to tread; used with "in" or "on") 
a. pisar 
If you're not careful, you'll step in one of those puddles.Si no tienes cuidado, pisarás uno de esos charcos.
plural noun
8. (stepladder) (United Kingdom) 
I need the steps to cut this hedge.Necesito la escalera de tijera para cortar este seto.
1. (movement, sound) 
a. el paso (M) 
to take a stepdar un paso
at every stepa cada paso
step by steppaso a paso
2. (also fig) 
a. no direct translation 
to watch one's stepmirar dónde se pone el pie
every step of the wayen todo momento
to keep (in) stepseguir el ritmo
3. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
to be out of step (with something)no estar en consonancia (con algo)
4. (action, measure) 
a. la medida (F) 
to take steps (to do something)tomar medidas (para hacer algo)
the next step is to…el siguiente paso es…
a step in the right directionun avance, un adelanto
5. (of staircase) 
a. el escalón m, peldaño (M) 
6. (of stepladder) 
a. el peldaño (M) 
(flight of) steps(tramo de) escalera f
mind the stepcuidado con el escalón
7. (exercise) 
a. no direct translation 
step (aerobics)step m, aerobic con escalón
step classclase de step
8. (music) (United States) 
a. el tono (M) 
intransitive verb
9. (take a step) 
a. dar un paso 
10. (walk) 
a. caminar 
to step on somebody's footpisarle un pie a alguien
step this waypasa por aquí
11. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
to step on italigerar, darse prisa
step [step]
1 (movement) paso (m); (sound) paso (m); pisada (f)
with slow steps con pasos lentos; he heard steps outside oyó pasos or pisadas fuera
to take a step back dar un paso atrás
it's a big step for him es un gran paso or salto para él
step by step poco a poco
to be a step closer to doing sth estar más cerca de hacer algo
The drug is a step closer to becoming available in the United States
at every step a cada paso
my new shoes squeaked at every step creaking at every step he took, he went through to the back room bureaucracy obstructed his career at every step
we'll keep you informed every step of the way le mantendremos informado en todo momento; I'll fight this decision every step of the way voy a oponerme a esta decisión hasta el final
we've been taking her advice every step of the way he fought going to the school every step of the way I walked quickly towards the stairs. I felt his eyes on me every step of the way people who fight you every step of the way
the first step is to decide ... el primer paso es decidir ...
to follow in sb's steps seguir los pasos de algn
he followed in his father's steps
it's a great step forward es un gran paso or salto adelante
This news is a big step forward
to take a step forward dar un paso adelante
I would go one step further and make all guns illegal yo iría aún más lejos y prohibiría todo tipo de armas de fuego
he took things a step further
what's the next step? ¿cuál es el siguiente paso?
the next step is to put the theory into practice the next step is to recruit some more translators to [quicken] one's step he quickened his step with a spring in her step to [retrace] one's steps
it's a step in the right direction es un paso adelante
a step towards peace un paso hacia la paz
to turn one's steps towards sth dirigir los pasos hacia algo
it's a step up in his career es un ascenso en su carrera profesional
this was a step up in the world
it's a bit of a step up from the house where I was born es mucho mejor que la casa en la que nací
the step up from domestic to international football It's a bit of a step up from the back streets of the North East to millionaires' row
to watch one's step ir con cuidado
to be one step ahead of sb llevar ventaja a or sobre algn
His brain works so quickly that he's always one step ahead of his opponents
to keep one step ahead (of) mantenerse en una posición de ventaja (con respecto a)
They are constantly researching and testing new products to keep one step ahead of the market
it's a case of one step forward, two steps back es un caso típico de un paso adelante y dos hacia atrás
2 (in dancing, marching) paso (m)
a waltz step the steps are quite complicated I haven't learnt the steps to the waltz yet
to break step romper el paso
The soldiers passed without breaking step
he quickly fell into step beside me no tardó en ajustar su paso al mío
take away their funding and they'll soon fall into step
to be in step with sb llevar el paso de algn
the party is in step with the country el partido está en sintonía con el país; to be in step with public opinion sintonizar con la opinión pública; the bright colours are perfectly in step with the current mood los colores vivos reflejan perfectamente al clima actual; to be/keep in step (with) (in marching) llevar el paso (de); (in dance) llevar el compás or ritmo (de)
Come on. Keep in step Belinda you have to keep in step with the music Those who had marched to the robust rhythms of the `Battle Hymn of the Republic" found they could also keep in step with Onward, Christian Soldiers to fall [into] step
to be out of step (in marching) no llevar el paso; (in dance) no llevar el compás or el ritmo
to get out of step (in march) perder el paso; (in dance) perder el ritmo or compás
to be out of step with sth/sb no estar sintonizado con algo/algn
he believes the corporation is out of step with the public I think the powers that be are totally out of step with what the public in this country wants
to fall or get out of step with sth/sb desconectarse de algo/algn
He cannot afford to get too far out of step with public opinion
3 (distance) paso (m)
I'm just a step away if you need me si me necesitas, solo estoy a un paso; the beach is just a step away (from the hotel) la playa está a un paso (del hotel); it's a good step or quite a step to the village el pueblo queda bastante lejos
"Come on - it's only a step away"
4 (footprint) huella (f)
5 (measure) medida (f)
to take steps tomar medidas
The number of people dying from this condition will double by the year 2000 unless we take steps now
we must take steps to improve things tenemos que tomar medidas para mejorar la situación
to take steps to solve a problem
6 (stair) peldaño (m); escalón (m); (on bus) peldaño (m); estribo (m);(also doorstep) escalón (m) de la puerta
mind the step cuidado con el escalón
a little girl was sitting on the step of the end house leave empty milk bottles on the step
I'll meet you on the library steps quedamos en los escalones or la escalinata de la biblioteca
a flight of stone steps un tramo de escalera or de escalones de piedra
7 steps (stepladder) escalera (f) (de mano/de tijera)
you're going to need some steps to reach the top shelf
8 (in scale) peldaño (m); grado (m)
to get onto the next step in the salary scale ascender un peldaño or subir de grado en la escala salarial
9 (also step aerobics) step (m)
10 (US) (Mús) tono (m)
intransitive verb
1 (walk)
to step on board subir a bordo
won't you step inside? ¿no quiere pasar?
to step [into] a room
he stepped into the room entró en la habitación
he stepped into his slippers/trousers se puso las zapatillas/los pantalones
to step off a bus/plane/train bajarse de un autobús/avión/tren
I've only just stepped off the plane
as he stepped onto the pavement ... al poner el pie en la acera ...
as she stepped out of the car al bajar del coche
she looked as if she had stepped out of a fairytale parecía recién salida de un cuento de hadas; she stepped out of her dress se quitó el vestido (por abajo)
stepping out of his trousers, he tossed them over a chair she stepped out of her clothes and walked naked to the bathroom
I had to step outside for a breath of fresh air tuve que salir fuera a tomar el aire
just step [outside] a moment
to step over sth pasar por encima de algo
he stepped carefully over the cable [watch] where you step
step this way haga el favor de pasar por aquí
to step out of line desobedecer; romper las reglas
players who step out of line get punished
2 (tread)
to step in/on sth pisar algo
don't step in that puddle no te metas en ese charco; step on it! (hurry up) ¡date prisa!; ¡ponte las pilas! (informal); ¡apúrate!; (LAm) (Aut) ¡acelera!; to step on the accelerator (Britain) step on the gas (US) pisar el acelerador
Without warning he stepped on the accelerator, ran a red light, then slammed on the brakes When you step on the gas, your car speeds up to step on sb's toes I wouldn't want to step on the toes of my colleagues
step aerobics (n) step (m)
masculine noun
1. (sports) 
Hago varias clases de ejercicio aeróbico como el step y los aeróbicos acuáticos.I do various aerobic exercise classes like step aerobics and water aerobics.
b. step 
Prefiero el kick boxing al step porque se mueve más todo el cuerpo.I prefer kick boxing to step because you move your whole body more.
2. (piece of equipment) 
a. step 
Durante la clase, subimos y bajamos del step más de 200 veces.During the class, we step on and off the step over 200 times.
1. (general) 
a. step (aerobics) 
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