An adjective is a word that describes a noun (e.g. the big dog).
1. (clever)
a. inteligente
You're a smart guy. You'll know what to do.Eres un chico inteligente. Tú sabrás lo que tienes que hacer.
b. listo
Ana's daughter is really smart. She always gets good grades.La hija de Ana es muy lista. Siempre saca buenas notas.
c. agudo
That was a smart answer from Rob.La respuesta de Rob fue muy aguda.
2. (cocky)
a. listo
Don't get smart with me!¡No te hagas el listo conmigo!
3. (stylish) (United Kingdom)
a. elegante
You look very smart in that suit.Te ves muy elegante con ese traje.
4. (brisk)
a. rápido
She set off at a smart pace.Empezó a caminar con paso rápido.
5. (sharp)
a. seco (tap or blow)
I gave the jar a smart tap to loosen the lid.Le di un golpe seco al tarro para aflojar la tapa.
6. (technology)
a. inteligente
Why do you need so many smart devices? You already have a smart phone and a smart watch.¿Por qué necesitas tantos dispositivos inteligentes? Ya tienes un teléfono inteligente y un reloj inteligente.
An intransitive verb is one that does not require a direct object (e.g. The man sneezed.).
intransitive verb
7. (to burn)
a. escocer
My eyes were smarting from the smoke.Me escocían los ojos por el humo.
b. picar
I touched some nettles and now my hand is smarting.Me rozé con unas ortigas y ahora me pica la mano.
c. doler
This burn is really smarting now.Ahora sí que duele esta quemadura.
8. (to be upset)
a. resentirse
He's still smarting from her rejection.Todavía se resiente porque ella lo rechazó.
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An adjective is a word that describes a noun (e.g. the big dog).
1. (clever)
a. inteligente
2. (sharp)
a. agudo(a), listo(a)
don't try to get smart with meno te hagas el listo (conmigo)
the smart money is on Jones to win the electionlos entendidos en la materia creen que Jones ganará las elecciones
3. (colloquial)
smart alecksabelotodo listillo(a) m,f,, vivo(a) m,f
smart bombbomba teledirigida
smart cardtarjeta inteligente
4. (elegant)
a. elegante
the smart setla gente guapa
to be a smart dresservestir elegantemente
5. (quick)
a. rápido(a)
look smart (about it)!¡date prisa! ¡apúrate!
6. (colloquial)
a. genial (excellent)
b. molón(ona)
Regionalism used in Spain
c. chévere
Regionalism used in Latin America: all the countries in South America, Central America, and the Caribbean. Does not include Spain.
(Latin America)
d. tenaz
Regionalism used in Colombia
e. padrísimo(a)
Regionalism used in Mexico
An intransitive verb is one that does not require a direct object (e.g. The man sneezed.).
intransitive verb
7. (sting; wound, graze)
a. escocer
8. (person)
a. resentirse, dolerse
smart [smɑːt]
smarter (comparative)smartest (superlative)
1 (elegant) [+person, appearance, clothes, car, decor] elegante; [+garden] bien arreglado; [+house] bien puesto
to look smart [+person] estar elegante; [+restaurant, hotel] ser elegante; [+home] estar muy bien puesto
that's a smart car
2 (chic) [+suburb, party, restaurant] elegante; [+society] de buen tono; fino
the smart set la buena sociedad; la gente de buen tono
the Paris/London smart set
3 (clever) [+person] listo; inteligente; [+idea] inteligente; bueno; [+computer, bombs, missiles] inteligente
that was pretty smart of you ¡qué listo or astuto!; that wasn't very smart no ha sido una idea muy buena; he was too smart for me era muy listo y me ganó la batalla; smart work by the police led to an arrest la inteligente labor de la policía condujo a un arresto; the smart money is on the French la gente que entiende apuesta por los franceses
4 (cocky)
he's trying to be smart
don't get smart with me! ¡no te las des de listo conmigo!; she's too smart for her own good se pasa de lista; she's got a smart answer to everything tiene respuesta para todo
Look, young man, don't get smart with me or you'll be walking home
5 (brisk) [+pace, action] rápido
look smart about it! ¡date prisa!; ¡apúrate!; (LAm) give the nail a smart tap dale un golpe seco al clavo
intransitive verb
1 (sting) [+wound, eyes] escocer; picar; arder; especially (LAm) [+iodine etc] escocer
my eyes are smarting me escuecen or me pican los ojos; the smoke made his throat smart el humo le irritó la garganta
2 dolerse
she's still smarting from his remarks todavía se duele or se resiente de sus comentarios; to smart under an insult sentirse dolido por una injuria
He is still smarting over criticism of his clumsy performance against Derek Williams The Americans were still smarting from their defeat in the Vietnam War
smarts (US) (n) (brains) cerebro (m)
to have the smarts to do sth ser lo suficientemente inteligente como para hacer algo
he had the smarts to own up to it
smart bomb (n) bomba (f) con mecanismo inteligente
smart card (n) tarjeta (f) electrónica; tarjeta (f) inteligente
smart phone (n) teléfono (m) inteligente; smartphone (m)
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