transitive verb
1. (to fire at) 
a. disparar 
The forensic report said that he had been shot in the back.El informe forense decía que lo habían disparado por la espalda.
He was convicted of shooting a police officer.Fue condenado por pegarle un tiro a un policía.
c. no direct translation 
Help! My wife's been shot.¡Socorro! Han herido a mi mujer.
The terrorist was shot dead by police.La policía mató al terrorista a tiros.
2. (to fire) 
a. disparar 
She shot her new gun at the shooting gallery.Disparó su pistola nueva en la galería de tiro.
b. tirar 
The English longbow can shoot an arrow at a long distance.El arco largo inglés puede tirar una flecha a larga distancia.
c. lanzar 
The missile was shot without prior warning.Lanzaron el misil sin aviso previo.
3. (film and television) 
a. rodar 
We will shoot the scene in the woods.Rodaremos la escena en el bosque.
b. filmar 
They shot the pirate movie in the Virgin Islands.Filmaron la película de piratas en las Islas Vírgenes.
4. (photography) 
a. tomar 
Make sure the flash is on when you shoot at night.Asegúrate de que el flash esté puesto cuando tomes fotos de noche.
5. (to execute) 
a. fusilar 
They captured and shot Maximilian I in Mexico in 1867.Capturaron y fusilaron a Maximiliano I en México en 1867.
6. (sports) 
a. tirar (ball) 
He shot the ball straight through the goal.Tiró el balón directo a la meta.
7. (to give) 
a. lanzar 
She shot me a look out of the corner of her eye when I was talking to her husband.Me lanzó una mirada de reojo cuando estaba hablando con su marido.
8. (to hunt) 
a. cazar 
I've never shot a rabbit before.Jamás cacé un conejo.
9. (colloquial) (to punish) 
a. matar (colloquial) 
He should be shot for saying things like that!¡Merece que lo maten si dice cosas así!
10. (drug) 
I knew he was on drugs but I had no idea he was shooting heroin.Sabía que se drogaba pero no tenía idea de que se inyectaba heroina.
11. (session) 
The photo shoot took place in a studio in New York.La sesión fotográfica se llevó a cabo en un estudio en Nueva York.
The movie shoot lasted eight months.La filmación de la película duró ocho meses.
12. (botany) 
There are tons of bamboo shoots along the river.Hay muchos retoños de bambú a lo largo del río.
b. el brote (M) 
If you prune the tree now, the new shoots will grow stronger.Si podas el árbol ahora, los brotes nuevos van a crecer con más fuerza.
13. (colloquial) (used to express annoyance) 
a. rayos (colloquial) 
Shoot! I forgot to pay the cable bill.¡Rayos! Se me olvidó pagar la cuenta del cable.
b. caray (colloquial) 
Shoot! I left my keys in the car.¡Caray! Dejé las llaves en el carro.
c. chuta (colloquial) (Ecuador) 
Shoot! I forgot to get a babysitter to watch the kids tonight.¡Chuta! Se me olvidó llamar a la niñera para cuidar a los guaguas esta noche.
d. miércoles (colloquial) 
Shoot! I forgot the milk.¡Miércoles! Se me olvidó la leche.
intransitive verb
14. (to fire a gun) 
a. disparar 
Don't shoot!¡No dispares!
15. (to run) 
She shot across the street when she saw him falling.Cruzó la calle como una bala cuando lo vio caer.
16. (sports) 
Do you shoot?¿Vas de caza?
1. (of plant) 
a. el retoño m, vástago (M) 
2. (hunting party) 
a. la cacería (F) 
transitive verb
3. (fire; bullet) 
a. disparar 
4. (arrow) 
a. lanzar, tirar 
to shoot a glance at somebodylanzar una mirada a alguien
to shoot somebodydisparar a alguien
she was shot in the armle dieron un tiro en el brazo
to shoot rabbits/grousecazar conejos/urogallos
5. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
to shoot oneself in the foottirar (uno) piedras contra su propio tejado
6. (film, tv program) 
a. rodar 
7. (pass rapidly) 
a. no direct translation 
to shoot the rapidssalvar or atravesar los rápidos
to shoot the lightssaltarse el semáforo
to shoot dice/pooljugar a los dados/al billar americano
intransitive verb
8. (with gun) 
a. disparar 
9. (in soccer) 
a. tirar, chutar 
10. (move rapidly) 
a. ir a escape, ir como una exhalación 
he shot into/out of the houseentró en/salió de la casa como una exhalación
the pain shot up his left sidele daban punzadas de dolor en el costado izquierdo
11. (colloquial) (United States) 
a. ¡miércoles!, ¡mecachis! 
b. ¡chin! (Mexico) 
shoot [ʃuːt] shot (past)
1 (Bot) brote (m); retoño (m)
A few tender shoots of green had started to appear.
2 (Cine) rodaje (m)
Spielberg was supposed to be doing a shoot with the stuntmen today
(Fot) sesión (f) fotográfica
She's going to do a shoot for the cover of Vogue the girl's mother claims her daughter was gulled into doing the shoot with a few vodka and oranges Naomi did a shoot without some articles of clothing
3 (shooting party) cacería (f); partida (f) de caza
They often take part in the local shoot.
(preserve) coto (m) de caza; vedado (m) de caza; (competition) concurso (m) de tiro al blanco; certamen (m) de tiro al blanco
transitive verb
1 (wound) pegar un tiro a; (kill) matar de un tiro; (more brutally) matar a tiros; (execute) fusilar; (hunt) cazar
she shot her husband pegó un tiro a su marido; you'll get me shot! ¡me van a asesinar or matar por tu culpa! (informal)
he was shot as a spy lo fusilaron por espía
to shoot sb dead matar a algn de un tiro or a tiros
we often go shooting rabbits at the weekend solemos ir a cazar conejos los fines de semana
he was shot in the leg una bala le hirió en la pierna
he had been shot through the heart la bala le había atravesado el corazón
you'll get shot for that! We had to shoot it to put it out of its misery My grandfather used to shoot grouse at the weekends people have been shot for less he was shot dead by a policeman he was shot dead as he walked from his car into his apartment he spied a moose 100 yards away and shot it dead the seventh person to be shot dead in Northern Ireland in the past two weeks
to shoot o.s. in the foot cavar su propia fosa sin darse cuenta
We were leading 3-2 but we shot ourselves in the foot. We conceded a needless penalty near the end I think if the Republican Party either is taken over or allows itself to be taken over by that religious far right, it will have shot itself in the foot
2 (launch) [+bullet, gun, arrow] disparar; [+missile] lanzar
to shoot a goal
3 (propel) [+object] lanzar;at hacia
the impact shot them forward el impacto hizo que salieran despedidos hacia delante
the volcano shot lava high into the air el volcán despidió or arrojó lava por los aires
she was shot through the windscreen to shoot sth [at] sth/sb
4 [+glance, look] lanzar; [+smile] dedicar; [+ray of light] arrojar; lanzar
she shot me a sideways glance me lanzó una mirada de reojo; me miró de reojo
he began shooting questions at her empezó a acribillarla a preguntas
The girl shot a look at Judy he shot me a sly smile the sun shot an arrow of light through the dome in the roof to shoot a [question] at sb
to shoot the breeze or bull (US) darle a la lengua (informal)
They think all I do is stand there and shoot the breeze with the patient. Not so! I have to be friendly to make the patient at ease, but that doesn't stop me from monitoring closely their responses I met with Pollack again to kind of shoot the bull and make contact once more before I leave town
to shoot a line (Britain) marcarse un farol (informal)
He'd been looking for new blood for his office in Vienna. That was the line he shot, though knowing him as I did I'm sure he had a more personal, ulterior motive Perhaps he ought to shoot a line to the effect that things had been grim, otherwise he might be called a liar when he mentions ...
to shoot one's mouth off irse de la lengua (informal); hablar más de la cuenta (informal)
he'd been shooting his mouth off, saying he could sing, when of course he couldn't he can't keep quiet, he's always shooting his mouth off Mrs Thatcher has been shooting her mouth off about how Britain will fight if necessary
5 (Cine) rodar; filmar
Most of the film was shot in Spain OK, let's shoot that scene again
(Fot) [+subject of picture] tomar; sacar
I shot her with the river in the background OK, now if I could just shoot a reel or two with the models please
6 (speed through)
to shoot the lights (Aut) saltarse un semáforo en rojo
to shoot the rapids sortear or salvar los rápidos
7 (close) [+bolt] correr
to shoot the [bolt] she closed the door, shot the bolt and left him there to shoot one's bolt if someone has shot their bolt they have used up their efforts The Greens have really shot their bolt, they'll never ever get any more votes than this By half-time I think I'd shot my bolt
8 (play)
to shoot dice/pool (US) jugar a los dados/al billar
9 (inject) [+drugs] inyectarse; chutarse (informal); pincharse (informal)
I started shooting heroin when I was sixteen 'shoot no rubbish'
intransitive verb
1 (with gun) disparar; tirar; (hunt) cazar
shoot first, ask questions later he taunted armed officers by pointing at his head as if inviting them to shoot troops began shooting in all directions do you shoot? They used to fish in the summer and shoot in the winter to shoot [straight] she had never been able to shoot straight
to shoot at sth/sb disparar a algo/algn
he shot at me but missed
to go shooting ir de caza
to shoot to kill disparar a matar; tirar a matar
shoot-to-kill policy programa (m) de tirar a matar
(in ball games) (gen) tirar; (Ftbl) disparar; chutar
Linda shot and scored
to shoot at goal tirar a gol; chutar
to shoot wide fallar el tiro; errar el tiro
he beat two defenders only to shoot wide
3 (move rapidly)
to shoot [ahead]
she shot ahead to take first place se adelantó rápidamente para ponerse en primer puesto
the shares shot ahead to 755p For the second year running, profits shot ahead by 18%
the car shot forward el coche salió disparado hacia delante
flames shot 100ft into the air las llamas saltaron por los aires a 100 pies de altura
he shot out of his chair/out of bed salió disparado de la silla/de la cama
to shoot past or by pasar como un rayo
the car shot past or by us el coche pasó como un rayo or una bala
to shoot to fame/stardom lanzarse a la fama/al estrellato
she shot to fame on Broadway in a Noel Coward play
the pain went shooting up his arm un dolor punzante le subía por el brazo
the pain shot through me the ball shot [over] the wall the train shot [through] the tunnel
4 (Bot) (produce buds) brotar; (germinate) germinar
you should always prune roses before they begin shooting once potatoes start shooting, they are no longer edible
5 (Cine) rodar; filmar
We hadn't quite finished shooting
(Fot) sacar la foto; disparar
Shoot quickly before your subjects get bored
6 (US) (in conversation)
shoot! ¡adelante!; ¡dispara!
oh shoot! ¡caracoles! (informal); ¡mecachis! (informal); (Esp)
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