Presenthe/sheconjugation ofsettle.
An intransitive verb is one that does not require a direct object (e.g. The man sneezed.).
intransitive verb
1. (to make an agreement)
a. llegar a un acuerdo
He wants to settle with his former wife.Quiere llegar a un acuerdo con su exmujer.
b. arreglarse
We'll settle tomorrow on a time to decide on each person's responsibilities.Nos arreglaremos mañana para determinar las responsabilidades de cada uno.
2. (to be solved)
a. resolverse
The problem between the two of them is finally settled.El problema entre ellos dos finalmente se resolvió.
3. (to set up)
a. establecerse (in an area or city)
The explorers settled on the east coast.Los exploradores se establecieron en la costa este.
b. instalarse (in a home)
We are finally settled in our new home.Por fin estamos instalados en nuestra nueva casa.
4. (to pay a debt)
a. pagar
I expect you to settle with my accountant immediately.Espero que le pagues a mi contador inmediatamente.
5. (to get comfortable)
a. ponerse cómodo
As soon as I settled into bed, the doorbell rang.En cuanto me puse cómoda en la cama, alguien tocó el timbre.
6. (to become stable)
a. estabilizarse (weather, situation)
After weeks of strong winds and storms, the weather has finally settled.Después de semanas de vientos fuertes y tormentas, el tiempo finalmente se ha estabilizado.
b. asentarse (liquid, mixture, dust)
Wait a few minutes for the mixture to settle.Espere unos minutos hasta que la mezcla se asiente.
7. (to be set)
a. fijarse
Ever since this dream settled in my mind, I've been working towards achieving it.He estado persiguiendo este sueño desde que se fijó en mi mente.
A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
transitive verb
8. (to solve)
a. resolver
They should settle their differences and be friends again.Deberían resolver sus diferencias y hacerse amigos de nuevo.
9. (to establish)
a. acordar
The date for the wedding is finally settled.Por fin acordamos la fecha de la boda.
b. fijar
The day for the next meeting is settled.Ya hemos fijado el día para la próxima reunión.
10. (to pay)
a. pagar (bill)
The electricity bill has been settled.El recibo de la luz ya se ha pagado.
b. liquidar (debt)
After all these years, he finally settled his debt.Después de todos estos años, finalmente liquidó su deuda.
11. (to live in permanently)
a. colonizar
This land was settled by the Dutch.Los holandeses colonizaron esta tierra.
12. (to calm)
a. calmar (nerves)
She offered me tea to settle my nerves.Me ofreció un té para calmarme los nervios.
b. asentar (stomach)
This clear soup will settle your stomach.Este consomé te asentará el estómago.
13. (to order)
a. poner en orden
I need to settle my affairs before going on vacation.Tengo que poner en orden mis asuntos antes de irme de vacaciones.
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A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
transitive verb
1. (put in place)
a. colocar, poner
she had settled herself in an armchairse había instalado cómodamente en un sillón
to settle the children for the nightacostar a los niños
2. (nerves)
a. calmar
I took something to settle my stomachtomé algo que me asentara el estómago
3. (day, venue)
a. fijar
4. (problem, dispute)
a. resolver
5. (account, debt)
a. liquidar, saldar
she settled her affairsresolvió sus asuntos
6. (colloquial)
that settles it!¡no se hable más!
7. (law)
to settle a matter out of courtllegar a un acuerdo extrajudicial
8. (colonize)
a. colonizar
An intransitive verb is one that does not require a direct object (e.g. The man sneezed.).
intransitive verb
9. (bird, insect, dust)
a. posarse
10. (liquid, beer)
a. reposar
11. (person, family)
a. asentarse
12. (crowd, situation)
a. apaciguarse, tranquilizarse
to settle into an armchairinstalarse en un sillón
13. (law)
to settle (out of court)llegar a un acuerdo extrajudicial
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settle [ˈsetl]
transitive verb
1 (resolve) [+dispute, problem] resolver
several points remain to be settled quedan varios puntos por resolver; the result was settled in the first half el resultado se decidió en el primer tiempo; to settle a case or claim out of court llegar a un acuerdo sin recurrir a los tribunales; the terms were settled by negotiation se acordaron las condiciones mediante una negociación; settle it among yourselves! ¡arregladlo entre vosotros!; so that's settled then así que ya está decidido; it's all settled — we're going in June ya está decidido — nos vamos en junio; that settles it! — you're not going ¡no hay más que hablar! or ¡pues ya está! — tú te quedas
Good, well that's settled then. that settled it - after seeing her in that film I knew I had to be an actress you've got no money? - well, that settles it then - you can't go These little details I leave behind for you to settle. The strike went on for over a year before it was finally settled To settle all these differences will take time We have renounced the use of force to settle our disputes.
the couple have settled their differences la pareja ha resuelto sus diferencias
2 (make comfortable) [+person] poner cómodo; acomodar
to settle an invalid for the night poner cómodo or acomodar a un enfermo para que duerma (por la noche)
His grandmother settled him in an armchair with a bowl of soup She wanted to settle the baby before leaving her with a babysitter
to get (sb) settled: I'd just got the baby settled when ... acababa de acostar al bebé cuando ...; it took a long time to get settled in our new home nos costó mucho instalarnos en la nueva casa
let's get you settled in your room then we'll go and get something to eat we want to get her settled into a new school before August He said the first priority is to get the refugees settled peacefully and harmoniously
to settle o.s. ponerse cómodo; acomodarse; she settled herself at the desk se puso cómoda or se acomodó delante de la mesa
3 (place) [+object] colocar; [+gaze] posar
He settled his briefcase comfortably in his lap... He took a sip of tea, and settled the cup into its saucer.
4 (colonize) [+land] colonizar
the East Anglians who helped to settle New England Their grandparents settled the land in 1856.
5 (calm) [+nerves] calmar; sosegar; [+doubts] disipar; desvanecer; [+stomach] asentar
I took something to settle my stomach
6 (pay) [+bill] pagar; [+debt] saldar; liquidar
He came out to settle the charge for the hire car.
7 (put in order) [+affairs] poner en orden
to settle one's affairs poner en orden sus asuntos
Before leaving, I resolved to settle some affairs of mine in New York
8 (deal with) [+person]
I'll soon settle him ya me encargaré de ponerlo en su sitio (informal); that settled him con eso se le acabó la tontería (informal)
9 (Jur) asignar
to settle sth on sb asignar algo a algn
She offered to settle a legacy on Catherine
intransitive verb
1 (establish o.s.) (in a house) instalarse; (in a country) establecerse; [+first settlers] establecerse
she visited Paris in 1974 and eventually settled there visitó París en 1974 y finalmente decidió establecerse allí
refugees that settle in Britain the majority of Italian immigrants settled in New York many campesinos left the altiplano to settle in the underpopulated lowland areas of the country the Dutch people that settled in the Eastern United States left their mark after a period in London he eventually settled in the north of England
2 (come to rest) [+bird, insect] posarse; [+dust] asentarse; [+snow] cuajar
a deep gloom had settled on the party un profundo pesimismo se había apoderado del grupo; my eyes settled on her immediately al momento mi mirada se fijó en ella
the wind settled in the east A bird settled on a beam near the top of the roof Flies and other insects settle on plants growing on the banks. I waited for the dust from the passing jeep to settle before I went on The dust clouds have forced the closure of Interstate 90 in central Washington - State transportation officials advise people not to drive until after the dust settles the snow is settling it's not snowing hard enough for it to settle if the snow settles we can go out sledging
3 (sink) [+sediment] depositarse; [+building] asentarse
once the impurities had settled the oil could be graded Cracks often appear in plaster while a building settles to settle in into sth
the boat slowly settled in the mud poco a poco el bote se hundió en el barro
4 (separate) [+liquid] reposar
once the mixture has settled you can pour off the clear liquid leaving the residue You have to wait for stout to settle before you drink it
5 (get comfortable) (in chair) arrellanarse; (in new job, routine) adaptarse; establecerse
he settled deeper into the cushions se arrellanó entre los cojines
don't get too settled! to settle comfortably in an armchair She loved to settle on the sofa with a good book and a box of chocolates It always takes a few months \to settle in a new neighbourhood\ to settle [to] sth
I couldn't settle to anything no me podía concentrar en nada; no lograba ponerme a hacer nada
6 (calm down) [+weather] estabilizarse; asentarse; [+conditions, situation] volver a la normalidad; normalizarse; [+nerves] calmarse
a few minutes into the interview his nerves settled and he began to regain his confidence Once the weather settles, I'll put the washing out again to [let] the dust settle My flatmates have been having a row and I'm not going home until the dust has settled I think I can even guarantee a promotion in a few months once the dust has settled some day, when this is all over and the dust has settled I'm going to go back
7 (reach an agreement) llegar a un acuerdo or arreglo
now they want to settle
they settled with us for £12,000 lo arreglamos extrajudicialmente y nos pagaron 12.000 libras
The threat of that action forced them to settle with us for a figure close to our original claim Burnham went bankrupt in February, less than a year after confessing to six similar charges and settling with the US government for dollars 600m they settled with management after a one-month strike First of all I have to settle with you. You have cheated and defrauded me
8 (pay)
to settle [with] sb
I'll settle with you on Friday te pagaré el viernes; ajustaremos cuentas el viernes
settle [ˈsetl]
banco (m); escaño (m) a veces con baúl debajo; (a veces con baúl debajo)
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