1. (literature, theater, cinema) 
The plot lacks credibility.Al argumento le falta credibilidad.
b. la trama (F) 
The plot of the book is extremely intricate.La trama del libro es extremadamente compleja.
2. (conspiracy) 
She was accused of being behind a plot to destroy him.Se le acusó de estar detrás de un complot para destruirlo.
All those who took part in the plot were executed.Todos los que tomaron parte en la conspiración fueron ejecutados.
3. (land) 
He inherited a plot of land from his father.Heredó un terreno de su padre.
Farmers often work several different plots.Los agricultores a menudo cultivan varias parcelas.
c. el solar (M) 
The plot opposite has been sold and they're going to build a supermarket on it.Se ha vendido el solar de enfrente y van a construir un supermercado.
transitive verb
4. (to plan) 
a. tramar 
They were plotting the president's downfall.Estaban tramando la caída del presidente.
5. (to mark out) 
a. trazar (a course) 
They learn to plot a course between a series of points.Aprenden a trazar la derrota entre una serie de puntos.
b. determinar (a position) 
They had no means of plotting their position.No había ninguna manera de determinar su posición.
intransitive verb
6. (to conspire) 
a. conspirar 
He accused them of plotting to overthrow him.Los acusó de conspirar para derrocarlo.
1. (conspiracy) 
a. el trama f, complot (M) 
2. (of play, novel) 
a. el trama f, argumento (M) 
3. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
the plot thickensel asunto se complica
4. (land) 
a. el terreno (M) 
(vegetable) plothuerta f, huerto m
transitive verb
5. (plan) 
a. tramar, planear 
to plot to do somethingtramar or planear hacer algo
to plot a film/noveltrazar el argumento de una película/novela
6. (draw; curve) 
a. trazar 
7. (progress, development) 
a. representar 
to plot a courseplanear or trazar una ruta (en el mapa)
intransitive verb
8. (conspire) 
a. confabularse, conspirar 
plot [plɒt]
1 (conspiracy) complot (m); conjura (f)
2 (Literat) (Teat) trama (f); argumento (m)
to lose the plot perderse; perder el hilo
Channel 4 was set up as a public-service channel. Through overenthusiasm it has decided to throw away its past. In doing that it has lost the plot Ford rather lost the plot with the Mark 2 because they tried to turn the Capri into a family car — and the Capri's fun to drive "The three main political parties have lost the plot," she says, `they're out of the game"
the plot thickens la cosa se complica
transitive verb
1 (on graph etc) [+progress, course, position] trazar
to plot A against Z trazar A como función de Z
2 [+downfall, ruin etc] urdir; fraguar
intransitive verb
maquinar; conspirar
to plot to do sth conspirar para hacer algo
plot [plɒt]
(Agr) parcela (f); terreno (m); [of vegetables, flowers etc] cuadro (m)
a plot of grass un cuadro de césped; a plot of land (gen) un terreno; (for building) un solar; un lote; especially (LAm) a vegetable plot un cuadro de hortalizas
Phrases with "plot"
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plot twist
la vuelta de tuerca
the plot of the movie
la trama de la película
play or movie with an exciting plot
obra o película con una trama apasionante
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