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1. (thing) 
a. el objeto (M) 
I found a strange object under the bed.Encontré un objeto extraño debajo de la cama.
2. (aim) 
The object of this school is to develop individual talents.El objetivo de esta escuela es desarrollar el talento individual.
b. el objeto (M) 
What's the object of your visit?¿Cuál es el objeto de su visita?
3. (focal point) 
a. el objeto (M) 
The house was an object of conflict during the divorce.La casa fue objeto de disputa durante el divorcio.
4. (grammar) 
a. el objeto (M) 
Transitive verbs have a direct object.Los verbos transitivos tienen objeto directo.
"Le" stands for an indirect object in Spanish."Le" sustituye a un complemento indirecto en español.
5. (obstacle) 
You can spend whatever you need for the party. Money is no object.Puedes gastar lo que necesites en la fiesta. El dinero no es inconveniente.
intransitive verb
6. (to oppose) 
a. oponerse 
The students objected to having class on Saturday morning.Los estudiantes se oponían a tener clase el sábado por la mañana.
transitive verb
7. (to protest) 
a. objetar 
We objected that it was a very expensive place for prom.Nosotros objetamos que era un lugar muy caro para el baile de graduación.
1. (thing) 
a. el objeto (M) 
2. (focus) 
a. no direct translation 
he was the object of their admirationél era el objeto de su admiración
3. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
to give somebody an object lesson in somethingdar a alguien una lección magistral de algo
4. (purpose, aim) 
a. el objeto m, propósito (M) 
the object of the exercise is to…el ejercicio tiene por objeto…
5. (obstacle) 
a. no direct translation 
expense is no objectel gasto no es ningún inconveniente
6. (grammar) 
a. no direct translation 
direct/indirect objectcomplemento or objeto directo/indirecto
intransitive verb
7. (general) 
a. oponerse 
I object to doing thatme indigna tener que hacer eso
object [ˈɒbdʒɪkt]
1 (item) objeto (m)
I was forbidden to lift heavy objects tenía prohibido levantar objetos pesados
take that filthy object outside in the cosy consulting room the children are surrounded by familiar objects an object the shape of a coconut a relic of a saint or some other sacred object sacred objects were carried in processions at festivals the spirit not only of living things but of inanimate objects small objects that a baby may put into its mouth forks, spoons, needles or other metal objects some large object from space hit the earth
2 (focus) objeto (m)
the economy was the object of heated discussion la economía fue el objeto de una acalorada discusión; the object of her hatred/love el objeto de su odio/su amor; she was an object of pity to all era objeto de conmiseración para todos; he became an object of ridicule quedó en ridículo
the goddess was an object of worship religion became an important object of study Yeats's early uses of the images of ocean, seashore, islands and inland will be the object of more detailed discussion in a later chapter the party's very survival is the object of prolonged discussion in political circles the social services are the object of much heated discussion by economists and politicians
3 (aim) objetivo (m)
their main object was to make money su principal objetivo era hacer dinero
what's the object of doing that? what object is there in doing that? ¿de qué sirve hacer eso?
the object of the exercise is to raise money for charity lo que se persigue con esto es recaudar dinero con fines benéficos
that's the whole object of the exercise de eso precisamente se trata
I thought the whole object of this programme was for people to talk he has no object in [life] he made it his object in life to find the island
with this object in mind or in view con este objetivo or propósito en mente
the Army was not instituted with this particular object in view it was set up with one object in mind: how do you get kids to achieve? [with] the object of doing sth he did it [with] the sole object of annoying me
4 (obstacle)
I want the best, money is no object quiero lo mejor, no importa cuánto cueste
I want to have a great holiday, money is no object quiero tirarme unas vacaciones estupendas, el dinero no es problema; money is no object to him el dinero no es problema or obstáculo para él
the decorators were given carte blanche, with money no object "distance no object" although he was based in Wales, distance was no object
5 (Gram) complemento (m)
direct/indirect object complemento (m) directo/indirecto
object clause (n) (Gram) proposición (f) en función de complemento
object language (n) (Comput) lengua (f) objeto
object lesson (n)
it was an object lesson in how not to drive a car fue un perfecto ejemplo de cómo no conducir un coche
each piece of flotsam is an object lesson in how we mistreat our coastline it was an object lesson in good manners
object pronoun (n) (Gram) pronombre (m) que funciona como objeto
direct/indirect object pronoun pronombre (m) que funciona como objeto directo/indirecto
'lo' is a direct object pronoun 'le' is an indirect object pronoun
object [əbˈdʒekt]
transitive verb
"you can't do that," he objected —no puedes hacer eso —objetó
to object [that] it might be objected that the plan has no chance of succeeding
he objected that there wasn't enough time puso la objección de que or objetó que no tenían suficiente tiempo
intransitive verb
1 (disapprove) oponerse
I won't go if you object no iré si te opones; if you don't object si no tiene inconveniente; to object to sth: a lot of people will object to the book mucha gente se opondrá al libro; I wouldn't object to a bite to eat no diría que no a algo que comer
I don't object to an occasional drink she objects to all this noise
to object to sb: she objects to my friends no le gustan mis amigos
they objected to him because he was too young
I would object to Paul but not to Robert as chairman me opondría a que Paul fuera presidente, pero no a que lo fuera Robert; to object to sb doing sth: he objects to her drinking no le gusta que beba; do you object to my smoking? ¿le molesta que fume?; do you object to my going? ¿te importa que vaya?
I don't object to helping you
2 (protest) oponerse; poner objeciones
he didn't object when ... no su opuso or no puso objeciones cuando ...; he objected in the strongest possible terms se opuso de la manera más enérgica; I object! ¡protesto!; we objected strongly but were outvoted nos opusimos enérgicamente pero perdimos la votación
I object most strongly!
I object to that remark! ¡ese comentario no lo tolero!
3 (Jur)
the lawyer for the defence objected to their line of questioning
the prosecution objects to splitting the cases la acusación se opone a dividir los casos
It is no good the learned counsel for the defence objecting defence lawyers manipulated the make-up of the jury by objecting to so many other potential jurors
the defence can object to three jurors la defensa puede objetar a tres miembros del jurado
the defendant had objected to the complainant's statement being read out the attorneys who filed the suit objected to the decision the defence can object to three jurors per accused and the prosecution can also object to three and have them removed without giving reason
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school objects
objetos de la escuela
objects in the mirror are closer than they appear
los objetos en el espejo están más cerca de lo que parecen
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