1. (via marriage) 
a. el esposo (M) 
I met my husband in July of 1972.Conocí a mi esposo en julio de 1972.
b. el marido (M) 
My husband gave me a lovely bouquet of roses.Mi marido me regaló un precioso ramo de rosas.
transitive verb
2. (to manage carefully) 
Water has to be more carefully husbanded.Hay que administrar el agua más prudentemente.
b. dosificar 
You have to husband your strength if you want to finish the marathon.Tienes que dosificar las fuerzas si quieres terminar la maratón.
1. (general) 
a. el marido (M) 
husband and wifemarido y mujer
transitive verb
2. (formal) 
a. economizar (one's resources) 
husband [ˈhʌzbənd]
marido (m); esposo (m)
transitive verb
[+resources] administrar bien; gestionar bien
you must husband your strength debes dosificar tus fuerzas
you must husband your strength for the ordeal to come It will be many months before the new forces forming in England can take the field. Our policy ought therefore to be to husband the strength of our present field army as much as possible
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