1. (thoughts during sleep) 
a. el sueño (M) 
He has a recurring dream that he is falling.Tiene un sueño recurrente que se está cayendo.
2. (fantasy) 
a. el sueño (M) 
I have a dream that one day we will all be free.Tengo un sueño de que todos un día seremos libres.
3. (wonder) 
Your children are an absolute dream to take care of.Es una maravilla cuidar a sus hijos.
transitive verb
4. (to wish) 
a. soñar 
I dream that one day I'll be able to go to London.Sueño que un día podré ir a Londres.
5. (to imagine) 
a. soñar (usually negative) 
I never dreamed that they were going to treat me like that.Jamás soñé que me tratarían de esa manera.
b. imaginarse (usually negative) 
I never dreamed of winning this award.Nunca me imaginé que ganaría este premio.
intransitive verb
6. (to imagine while sleeping) 
a. soñar 
Have you ever dreamed about flying?¿Alguna vez has soñado con volar?
7. (to imagine) 
a. soñar 
They dreamed of opening their own shop.Soñaban con abrir su propia tienda.
b. imaginarse (usually negative) 
She never dreamed she'd ever live in the big city.Nunca se imaginó que viviría en la gran metrópolis.
8. (to contemplate) 
a. ocurrir 
I would not dream of going to the party in that dress.Ni se me ocurriría ir a la fiesta con ese vestido.
1. (general) 
a. el sueño (M) 
to have a dream (about)soñar (con)
to have bad dreamstener pesadillas
a dream come trueun sueño hecho realidad
it worked like a dreamsalió a la perfección
my dream housela casa de mis sueños
dream worldmundo de ensueño
transitive verb
2. (general) 
a. no direct translation 
to dream that…soñar que…
3. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
I never dreamed you would take me seriouslynunca imaginé que me tomarías en serio
intransitive verb
4. (general) 
a. soñar 
to dream of or aboutsoñar con
5. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
I wouldn't dream of it!¡jamás se me ocurriría!
dream [driːm] dreamed dreamt
1 (while asleep) sueño (m)
a bad dream una pesadilla
he had a dream in which she appeared to him she fell into a dream-filled sleep when I meet the right woman, this bad dream will be over it took all my strength to get me through this dream-cum-nightmare how much of what had happened was dream, and how much reality?
I had a dream that my father had died soñé que mi padre se había muerto
to have a dream about sth/sb soñar con algo/algn
he had a dream about Clare I had a dream about you last night
to see sth in a dream ver algo en sueños
sweet dreams! ¡que sueñes con los angelitos!
2 (daydream) sueño (m); ensueño (m)
he was lost in a dream about his girlfriend when he should have been working
she goes about in a dream siempre está en las nubes
3 (fantasy, ideal) sueño (m)
my (fondest) dream is to ... el sueño de mi vida es ...; mi mayor ilusión es ...; the house/man/woman of my dreams mi casa/hombre/mujer ideal; la casa/el hombre/la mujer de mis sueños; the museum was an archaeologist's dream para un arqueólogo, el museo era un sueño; he thinks he's every girl's dream se cree que es el tipo ideal para cualquier chica
you can make your dreams come true the house of her dreams he accomplished his dream of becoming a pilot "I have a dream ..." he told her to go for her dreams if you don't have a dream, you have nothing he wanted to start his own business, but it was just a dream her thoughts of marriage were a hopeless dream going to university seemed like an impossible dream a hope or aspiration which has no chance of ever coming true - informal use don't waste your whole life on a pipe dream
the American Dream el sueño americano
it was like a dream come true fue como un sueño hecho realidad
a dream holiday in Jamaica unas vacaciones de ensueño en Jamaica
in your dreams! ¡ni en sueños! (informal)
"I know I can get him to notice me" - "Huh, in your dreams!" one's [wildest] dreams I can help you turn your wildest dream into a reality it was worse than my wildest dreams [beyond] one's wildest dreams rich beyond his wildest dreams
she succeeded beyond her wildest dreams consiguió más éxito del que jamás había soñado
never in my wildest dreams did I expect to win ni en mis sueños más dorados hubiera podido imaginar que ganaría
[in] one's wildest dreams
he lives in a dream world vive en un mundo de fantasía or de ensueño
in a dream world no one would be poor en un mundo ideal, nadie sería pobre
Claude painted a dream world where everything is calm, simple and serene What remains is a dream world in which economic growth proceeds in all units in the same linear manner the Nazi dream world
4 (marvel)
"how was the holiday?" — "it was a dream!" —¿qué tal las vacaciones? —¡de ensueño!
isn't he a dream? the player made a dream start to the season it went [like] a dream
it worked like a dream funcionó de maravilla or a las mil maravillas; that car goes like a dream ese coche funciona de maravilla
his ship had handled like a dream she danced like a dream
transitive verb
1 (while asleep) soñar
I dreamed that I was being chased soñé que me perseguían; I dreamed a strange dream tuve un sueño extraño
I dreamed a dream of hot, sunny beaches
2 (imagine) soñar; imaginarse
you must have dreamed it lo habrás soñado; te lo habrás imaginado; I never dreamed that she would accept jamás soñé con que aceptaría; jamás me imaginé que aceptaría
I didn't dream that ... I never dreamed I would be able to afford a house like this
3 (as ambition)
I dream that my son will find a good job mi sueño es que mi hijo encuentre un buen trabajo
if Dido wants to dream that one day she'll be as good as our brothers in Father's estimation, who's to say she's not entitled to her fantasy? he dreamed that one day they would be together again
intransitive verb
1 (while asleep) soñar;of, about con
she dreamed about her baby I dreamed of you last night
2 (daydream) estar en las nubes
I'm sorry, I was dreaming disculpa, estaba en las nubes or pensando en las musarañas
you're always dreaming He realised he had been dreaming, totally unconscious of his surroundings
3 (fantasize) soñar
she dreamed of having her own business soñaba con llegar a tener su propio negocio; they have a lifestyle most of us only dream of or about llevan un tren de vida que para la mayoría de nosotros no pasa de ser un sueño
as a girl, she dreamed of becoming an actress a new kitchen is something we can only dream about
dream on! ¡ni en sueños! (informal)
you think you can become a racing driver, well dream on - you don't stand a chance
4 (imagine) soñar; imaginarse; (in neg context) imaginarse
there were more than I'd ever dreamed of había más de lo que jamás hubiera podido soñar or imaginar; who would ever dream of a disaster like this? ¿quién hubiera podido imaginarse una catástrofe así?
you must have been dreaming - there was nobody there I asked them if they had heard the explosion. They looked at me in disbelief and said I must have been dreaming
5 (consider)
"will you ask them?" — "I wouldn't dream of it!" —¿les preguntarás? —¡ni pensarlo! or ¡ni en sueños! (informal); I wouldn't dream of going! ¿ir? ¡ni pensarlo! or ¡ni en sueños! (informal)
my son would never dream of expecting me to iron for him
I wouldn't dream of doing such a thing jamás se me ocurriría hacer tal cosa
dream house (n) casa (f) de ensueño
my dream house la casa de mis sueños
a part of a film or TV drama which describes, usually in the form of images, a person's dream
dream ticket (n) (Pol) candidatos (m) ideales
GRAHAM GOOCH and Keith Fletcher are England's cricket's dream ticket to regaining the Ashes next summer It is expected he could link up with Shadow Chief Secretary Margaret Beckett to produce a `Dream Ticket" for the election in 1996 or 1997 it should have been Hollywood's dream ticket: husband and wife Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman starring together in a romantic blockbuster movie in Al Gore he had the perfect running mate. It really was a dream ticket for women
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