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A preposition is a word that indicates the relationship between a noun and another word (e.g. He ran through the door.).
1. (in the role of)
a. como
I spent 20 years working as an accountant.Trabajé como contador durante 20 años.
A conjunction is a word that connects words, phrases, clauses, or sentences (e.g. The cat and the dog slept.).
2. (when)
a. cuando
The phone rang as we were leaving the house.Sonó el teléfono cuando estábamos saliendo de la casa.
3. (while)
a. mientras
I like to listen to music as I work.Me gusta escuchar música mientras trabajo.
4. (at the same time as)
a. a medida que
I've really come to respect her as I've gotten to know her.Realmente llegué a respetarla a medida que la fui conociendo.
5. (because)
a. como
As our flight was canceled, we had to find a hotel for the night.Como se canceló nuestro vuelo, tuvimos que encontrar un hotel donde pasar la noche.
6. (like)
a. como
Please leave everything as you found it.Por favor, deja todo como lo encontraste.
7. (though)
a. aunque
Intelligent as you are, you still have to work hard.Aunque eres inteligente, todavía tienes que trabajar duro.
An adverb is a word that describes a verb, an adjective, or other adverbs (e.g. to run quickly, very tired).
8. (in comparisons)
This refers to an idiomatic word or phrase for which there is no word-for-word translation.
no direct translation
I am as thin as she is.Soy tan delgada como ella.
I do not have as many shoes as my sister.No tengo tantos zapatos como mi hermana.
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stressed [æz]
1. como
  • to work as a team trabajar en equipo
  • to regard somebody as a friend considerar a alguien un amigo
  • to treat somebody as a stranger tratar a alguien como a un extraño
  • to act/serve as a protection against something actuar/servir de protección contra algo
  • she used it as a bandage lo utilizó a modo de venda
  • as a woman, I think that… como mujer, creo que…
2. (tal y) como (with manner)
  • we arrived at eight o'clock, as requested llegamos a las ocho, tal y como se nos había pedido
  • we did exactly as we had been told hicimos exactamente lo que nos habían dicho
  • B as in Birmingham B de Birmingham
3. (in comparisons)
  • as… as… tan… como…
  • not as or so… as… no tan… como…
  • as tall as me tan alto(a) como yo
  • as white as a sheet blanco(a) como la nieve
  • twice as big el doble de grande
  • I pushed/tried as hard as I could empujé/lo intenté con todas mis fuerzas
  • as many as you want todos los que quieras
  • as much as you want todo lo que quieras
  • as recently as last week hace tan sólo una semana
  • as soon as possible cuanto antes
4. (phrases)
  • she looked as if or though she was upset parecía (como si estuviera) disgustada
  • it isn't as if or though I haven't tried no será porque no lo he intentado, no es que no lo haya intentado
  • it looks as if… parece que…
  • as for the cost/the food,… en or por lo que se refiere al coste/a la comida,…
  • as well también
5. cuando (with time) (when) ; mientras (whilst)
  • he went out as I came in salió cuando yo entraba
  • she talked to me as I worked me hablaba mientras trabajaba
  • as you get older… a medida que te haces mayor…
  • as necessary según sea necesario
  • as always como siempre
6. como (because)
  • as he has now left,… como se ha ido,…, ahora que se ha ido,…
7. (concessive)
  • late as it was,… aunque era tarde,…
  • try as she might,… por mucho que lo intentara,…
  • unlikely as it might seem,… por improbable que parezca,…
  • stupid as he is, even he saw the mistake hasta él, que es tan estúpido, se dio cuenta del error
8. como (with manner)
  • as I was saying,… como iba diciendo,…
  • do as you like haz lo que quieras
  • as often happens,… como suele suceder,…
  • it's hard enough as it is without this happening! ¡ya es lo bastante duro como para que ahora pase esto!
  • it's far enough as it is! ¡ya está suficientemente lejos así!
9. (in addition)
  • I'm well, as are the children estoy bien y los niños también
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as [æz] [əz]
For set combinations in which as is not the first word, eg such ... as, the same ... as, dressed as, acknowledge as, look up the other word.
1 (in time clauses)
You can usually use [cuando] when the [as] clause simply tells you when an event happened:
as I was passing the house cuando pasaba por delante de la casa; he came in as I was leaving entró cuando yo salía
Alternatively, use [al] + infinitive:
he came in as I was leaving entró al salir yo; he tripped as he was coming out of the bank tropezó al salir or cuando salía del banco; as the car drew level with us, I realized Isabel was driving al llegar el coche a nuestra altura or cuando el coche llegó a nuestra altura, me di cuenta de que lo conducía Isabel
Translate [as] using [mientras] for longer actions which are happening at the same time:
(while) mientras
as we walked, we talked about the future mientras caminábamos, hablábamos del futuro
we talked as we walked
In the context of two closely linked actions involving parallel development, translate [as] using [a medida que] or [conforme]. Alternatively, use [según va] etc + gerund:
as one gets older, life gets more and more difficult a medida que se envejece or conforme se envejece or según va uno envejeciendo, la vida se hace cada vez más difícil; as he got older he got deafer a medida que or conforme envejeció se fue volviendo más sordo; según fue envejeciendo se fue volviendo más sordo
2 (in reason clauses)
When [as] means "since" or "because", you can generally use [como], provided you put it at the beginning of the sentence. Alternatively, use the more formal [puesto que] either at the beginning of the sentence or between the clauses or [ya que] especially between the clauses.
como; (more frm) puesto que; ya que
as you're here, I'll tell you como estás aquí or puesto que estás aquí, te lo diré; he didn't mention it as he didn't want to worry you como no quería preocuparte, no lo mencionó; no lo mencionó puesto que no quería preocuparte
[porque] and [pues] between the clauses are further possibilities as he can't come ... as we hadn't heard from you ...
he couldn't come as he had an appointment no pudo asistir porque or puesto que or ya que tenía un compromiso; patient as she is, she'll probably put up with it con lo paciente que es, seguramente lo soportará
as I don't speak Arabic this is important as it reduces the effectiveness of the drug
3 (describing way, manner) como
leave things as they are dejad las cosas como están; I'm okay as I am estoy bien tal como estoy; knowing him as I do, I'm sure he'll refuse conociéndolo como lo conozco, estoy seguro de que no aceptará; the village, situated as it is near a motorway, ... el pueblo, situado como está cerca de una autopista, ...; as I've said before ... como he dicho antes ...; as I was saying ... como iba diciendo ...; her door is the first as you go up su puerta es la primera según se sube; she is very gifted, as is her brother tiene mucho talento, al igual que su hermano
you'll have it by noon as agreed lo tendrá antes del mediodía, tal como acordamos
it's not bad, as hotels go no está mal, en comparación con otros hoteles
as in all good detective stories como en toda buena novela policíaca
as you know como sabe
as you know, this is a very important document
Arsenal are playing as never before! ¡Arsenal está jugando mejor que nunca!
as often happens como suele ocurrir
he performed brilliantly, as only he can actuó de maravilla, como solo él sabe hacerlo
as you were! (Mil) ¡descansen!
do as you wish haga lo que quiera
4 (though) aunque
tired as he was, he went to the party aunque estaba cansado, asistió a la fiesta; interesting as the book is, I don't think it will sell very well el libro es interesante, pero aún así no creo que se venda bien; aunque el libro es interesante, no creo que se venda bien
good as he is, I'm sure he won't win a medal interesting as the book is
try as she would or might, she couldn't lift it por más que se esforzó no pudo levantarlo; unlikely as it may seem ... por imposible que parezca ...
long as it was, I didn't find the journey boring hard as it is to believe, ... (as) important as the president is ...
5 (in set structures)
as if or as though como si
it was as if or as though he were still alive era como si estuviera todavía vivo; he looked as if or as though he was ill parecía como si estuviera enfermo; it isn't as if or as though he were poor no es que sea pobre, que digamos
I don't know why he's complaining about lunch costing 3 pounds - it isn't as if he were poor why is he so loath to spend money on himself? it isn't as though he were poor...
as if she knew! ¡como si ella lo supiera!
as if I'm to blame! as if it's my fault! it isn't as if as though I didn't care she acted as if as though she hadn't seen me
as if to
the little dog nodded his head, as if to agree el perrito movió la cabeza, como asintiendo
as if to confirm his prediction there was a loud explosion
as in
it's spelled with V as in Valencia se escribe con V de Valencia
as it is
as it is, it doesn't make much difference en realidad, casi da lo mismo; as it is we can do nothing en la práctica or tal y como están las cosas no podemos hacer nada; I've got quite enough to do as it is tengo ya bastante trabajo
you've got plenty as it is
as it were
I'd understood the words, but I hadn't understood the question, as it were había entendido las palabras, pero no había comprendido la pregunta, por así decirlo; I have become, as it were, two people me he convertido como en dos personas; he was as it were tired and emotional estaba de alguna forma cansado y con los nervios a flor de piel
as was
that's the headmistress, the deputy as was esa es la directora, que antes era la subdirectora
1 (while)
she was often ill as a child de pequeña se ponía enferma con frecuencia
as a child, I often sang
2 (in the capacity of) como
he succeeded as a politician tuvo éxito como político; I don't think much of him as an actor como actor, no me gusta mucho; she treats me as her equal me trata de igual a igual; we're going as tourists vamos en plan de turismo; he was there as adviser estaba allí en calidad de asesor; Gibson as Hamlet (Teat) Gibson en el papel de Hamlet; he works as a waiter trabaja de camarero
as a husband and father
1 (in comparisons)
as ... as tan ... como
I am as tall as him soy tan alto como él; this tree can grow as tall as 50 feet este árbol puede llegar a medir 50 pies de alto; as big as a house (tan) grande como una casa; she hit him as hard as she could lo golpeó lo más fuerte que pudo; lo golpeó tan fuerte como pudo; he was writing as long ago as 1945 en 1945 ya escribía; she doesn't walk as quickly or as fast as me no camina tan rápido como yo; walk as quickly or as fast as you can camina lo más rápido que puedas; he ate as quickly as possible comió lo más rápido posible
send us your reply as quickly as possible as quickly as possible
it was still being done by hand as recently as 1960 en 1960 todavía seguía haciéndose a mano
for set similes (e.g. [as bold as brass], [as good as gold]) look up the adjective
the fresh snow was as white as white could be la nieve fresca era todo lo blanca que podía ser; is it as far as that? ¿tan lejos está?; is it as big as all that? ¿es de verdad tan grande?
as [far] as I know
as little as
by saving as little as ten pounds a month ahorrando tan solo diez libras al mes
as many ... as tantosastantas ... como;as tantas
I haven't got as many pairs of shoes as you no tengo tantos pares de zapatos como tú; I've got a lot of tapes but I haven't got as many as him or as he has tengo muchas cintas, pero no tantas como él; she gets as many as eight thousand letters a month llega a recibir hasta ocho mil cartas al mes
as many as 800 people are thought to have died in the accident
as much
she thought he was an idiot, and said as much pensaba que era un idiota, y así lo expresó
as much ... as tantoatanta ... como;a tanta
I haven't got as much energy as you no tengo tanta energía como tú; you've got as much as she has tienes tanto como ella; you spend as much as me or as I do tú gastas tanto como yo; it didn't cost as much as I had expected no costó tanto como yo me esperaba; it can cost as much as $2,000 puede llegar a costar 2.000 dólares
he's a very nice person, but I can't say as much for his wife she doesn't eat as much as him
as one
they all stood up as one se levantaron todos a la vez
half/twice/three times as ...
it's half as expensive es la mitad de caro; it's twice as expensive es el doble de caro; it's three times as expensive es tres veces más caro; she's twice as nice as her sister es el doble de simpática que su hermana
twice as old
her coat cost twice as much as mine su abrigo costó el doble que el mío
without as or so much as
she gave me back the book without as much as an apology me devolvió el libro sin pedirme siquiera una disculpa
2 (in set structures)
as for
as for the children, they were exhausted en cuanto a los niños, estaban rendidos; los niños, por su parte, estaban rendidos; as for that ... en cuanto a esto ...
as for her mother ...
as from
as from tomorrow a partir de mañana
as of
as of yesterday/now a partir de ayer/ahora
the balance of your account as of 16 June as of now
as to
as to that I can't say en lo que a eso se refiere, no lo sé; as to her mother ... en cuanto a su madre ...; to question sb as to his intentions preguntar a algn sus intenciones; they make decisions as to whether students need help deciden si los alumnos necesitan ayuda; he inquired as to what the problem was preguntó cuál era el problema
as yet hasta ahora; hasta el momento
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