Past participle ofappropriate. There are other translations for this conjugation.


An adjective is a word that describes a noun (e.g. the big dog).
1. (suitable)
a. adecuado
The new budget seeks to ensure appropriate staffing levels at all times.El nuevo presupuesto pretende asegurar niveles adecuados de personal a toda hora.
b. apropiado
I don't think whistling at the princess was the appropriate action.No creo que silbarle a la princesa haya sido la acción apropiada.
2. (opportune)
a. oportuno
I am waiting for the appropriate time to ask her to marry me.Estoy esperando el momento oportuno para pedirle la mano.
A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
transitive verb
3. (to take)
a. apropiarse de
The victors of wars frequently appropriate territories from the vanquished.Los vencedores de guerra frecuentemente se apropian de territorios de los vencidos.
4. (to set aside)
a. asignar
The board will appropriate the resources necessary for having a swim team.La mesa directiva asignará los recursos necesarios para tener un equipo de natación.
b. destinar
The municipality has appropriated millions of pesos for the construction of an overpass.El municipio ha destinado millones de pesos a la construcción de un paso a desnivel.
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A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
transitive verb
1. (take, steal)
a. apropiarse de
2. (set aside; money, funds)
a. destinar, asignar
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[əˈprəʊprɪɪt] [+time, place, method, response] apropiado; adecuado; [+moment] oportuno; apropiado; adecuado; [+authority, department] competente; correspondiente
it is appropriate that ... resulta apropiado or adecuado que ...
he always organised the annual Guy Fawkes party so it was appropriate that on his retirement he was feted with a magnificent firework display
it may be appropriate to discuss this with your solicitor quizá sería conveniente que discutiera esto con su abogado; she's the most appropriate person to present the award es la persona más indicada or más adecuada para presentar el premio
he is the appropriate person to ask
to take appropriate action tomar las medidas apropiadas or adecuadas or pertinentes
choose A, B or C as appropriate elija A, B o C según corresponda
this treatment was very appropriate for our son este tratamiento resultó ser muy apropiado or adecuado para nuestro hijo
choose a fitness programme that is appropriate for your age and overall health
it would not be appropriate for me to discuss individual cases no sería apropiado que comentara casos concretos
what is the appropriate dress for going to a graduation?
to take appropriate precautions tomar las debidas precauciones
it seemed appropriate to end with a joke parecía apropiado terminar con un chiste
wear an outfit appropriate to the job
words appropriate to the occasion palabras apropiadas or adecuadas para la ocasión
a job appropriate to his talents un trabajo que se adecúa a sus aptitudes
A, and where appropriate, B A, y en su caso, B
you will be answering queries, and, where appropriate, demonstrating our software dará información a quien la pida y, si se presta, hará demostraciones de nuestro software
we can advise you on suitable herbal remedies and, where appropriate, suggest other treatment I'm not sure whether "wrong" is the appropriate [word] whichever seems more appropriate tick 'yes' or `no' as appropriate send your application to the appropriate department it is appropriate that she should be chosen to present the prizes it is appropriate that he was given special mention for his part in it The teacher/government can then take appropriate action "Rodrigo" seemed a very appropriate name for a Spanish dog
transitive verb
1 (steal) apropiarse de
2 (set aside) [+funds] asignar; destinar;for a;
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