How to Say "I Miss You" in Spanish

Quick Answer

I miss you. = Te extraño.or Te echo de menos.

Te extraño is the most common way to say I miss you in Latin America, while te echo de menos is common in Spain.

Singular vs. Plural

You is translated into Spanish in many different ways. Use the handy table below to help you decide which form you need to use.

FormUsed WithSpanish
Te (Informal second person singular)a single person who is the same age as you or younger
Te extraño.
Lo (Formal second person masculine singular)a man who is older than you or to whom you want to show respect
Lo extraño.
La (Formal second person feminine singular)a woman who is older than you or to whom you want to show respect
La extraño.
Los (Second person masculine plural)a group of men or a group of both men and women
Los extraño.
Las (Second person feminine plural)a group of women
Las extraño.

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Direct Object Pronoun Placement

¿Cómo estás, mamá? - Bien, hijo, pero te extraño.
How are you, Mom? - Good, son, but I miss you.
¡Los extraño mucho, muchachos!
I miss you so much, guys!

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Responding to “I Miss You”

When someone tells you they miss you, chances are you miss them back! To say I miss you too, you can use Yo también te extraño.or Yo también te echo de menos.

For a shorter, more simple response, use Y yo a ti.

For example:

Todos te extrañamos. - Yo también los extraño.
We all miss you. - I miss you too.
Te extraño, amor. - Y yo a ti, nena.
I miss you, sweetie. - I miss you too, baby.

Other Things to Say When You Miss Someone

Take a look at this list of other phrases you can use when you’re missing someone!

Estoy pensando en ti.
I’m thinking about you.
La ausencia aviva el cariño.
Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
Lo eres todo para mí.
You mean the world to me.
Me siento vacío sin ti.
I feel empty without you.
Nunca dejo de pensar en ti.
I never stop thinking about you.
Pienso en ti y me sonrío.
I think about you and smile.
Ojalá estuvieras aquí.
I wish you were here.

Terms of Endearment

Spanish is full of great nombres de cariño(terms of endearment) you can use to show your love and tell someone you miss them! Take a look at this list of some of the most common terms of endearment in Spanish:

sweetie or darling
baby cakes
dear or honey
chiquis triquis
honey bunny
corazón de melón
sweetie pie
cutie or handsome
cutie or handsome
cutie or beautiful
mi alma
honey or sweetheart
mi amor
my love
mi cielo
my sweet
mi corazón
honey or sweetheart
mi tesoro
my darling
baby (male)
baby (female)

Let’s take a look at a few examples!

Te quiero tanto, preciosa.
I love you so much, honey.
Te amo más que nunca, nene.
I love you more than ever, baby.