How to Say "Happy Birthday" in Spanish

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How do you say Happy Birthday! in Spanish?

¡Feliz cumpleaños!

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Happy Birthday in Spanish

You can also say the following:

¡Felicidades en tu día!
Congratulations on your big day!
¡Que cumplas muchos más!
Hope you have many more!
¡Que tengas un feliz día!
Have a great day!

As you can see, there are many different ways to say Happy Birthday in Spanish, though Feliz cumpleaños is the most common translation. You many be surprised to find out there are also a lot of ways to sing Happy Birthday in Spanish! Below are a few common ways.

Birthday Songs

Here are three versions of the Happy Birthday song in Spanish. Just remember to use the name of the birthday girl or boy instead of the name we've used, María!

¡Que los cumplas feliz!
¡Que los cumplas feliz!
¡Que los cumplas, María!
¡Que los cumplas feliz!
¡Cumpleaños feliz!
¡Cumpleaños feliz!
¡Cumpleaños feliz!
¡Cumpleaños feliz!
¡Feliz cumpleaños a ti!
¡Feliz cumpleaños a ti!
¡Feliz cumpleaños a María!
¡Feliz cumpleaños a ti!

This next one is a little different and is not sung to the same tune as Happy Birthday to You. If singing this to a birthday girl, you should change amiguito (in the second line) to amiguita.

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¡Feliz, feliz en tu día.
Happy, happy birthday to you.
Amiguito, que Dios te bendiga.
Friend, may God bless you.
Que reine la paz en tu día.
May peace reign on your day.
Y que cumplas muchos más!
And may you have many more birthdays!

In some countries, such as Mexico, Las mañanitasis sung to the birthday girl or boy. It's common for people to sing the first verse and then finish up with a cheer. Here's one version of Las mañanitas. Again, remember to use the name of the birthday girl or boy instead of the name we've used, María.

Estas son las mañanitas que cantaba el rey David.
This is the morning serenade that King David used to sing.
Hoy por ser tu cumpleaños, te las cantamos a ti.
Today, because it's your birthday, we sing to you.
Despierta, María, despierta, mira que ya amaneció.
Wake up, Maria, wake up and see that dawn has already come.
Ya los pajarillos cantan, la luna ya se metió.
The little birds are singing and the moon has set.

And here's the cheer! It's basically nonsense words, so we haven't translated it. Remember to change the name to that of the birthday boy or girl!

¡A la bio, a la bao, a la bim bom ba!
¡María! ¡María!
¡Ra ra ra!

Now you are ready to wish you friends a Spanish Happy Birthday!

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