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"In a different way" is a phrase which is often translated as "de otro modo", and "from" is a preposition which is often translated as "de". Learn more about the difference between "in a different way" and "from" below.
in a different way(
A phrase is a group of words commonly used together (e.g once upon a time).
1. (general)
a. de otro modo
Let's arrange the furniture in a different way.Acomodemos los muebles de otro modo.
b. de otra manera
Sit in a different way or your leg will go to sleep.Siéntate de otra manera o se te va a dormir la pierna.
c. de otra forma
Can you swim in a different way?¿Puedes nadar de otra forma?
d. de modo distinto
I learned how to tune the guitar in a different way.Aprendí a afinar la guitarra de modo distinto.
e. de modo diferente
Lie down and stretch in a different wayRecuéstate y estira de modo diferente.
f. de manera distinta
I presented my product in a different way and caught everyboydy's attention.Presenté mi producto de manera distinta y atrapé la atención de todos.
g. de manera diferente
Fold the piece of paper in a different way so it can fit in the envelope.Dobla el papel de manera diferente así puede caber en el sobre.
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A preposition is a word that indicates the relationship between a noun and another word (e.g. He ran through the door.).
1. (in space)
a. de
The plane from Madrid arrives at 3 pm.El avión de Madrid llega a las 3 pm.
b. desde
I drove from the lake to my house.Conduje desde el lago hasta mi casa.
2. (in time)
a. desde
From that day onwards, they were inseparable.Desde aquel día, fueron inseparables.
3. (used to indicate source)
a. de
Don't drink water from the hose!¡No bebas agua de la manguera!
I'm from San Juan, Puerto Rico.Soy de San Juan, Puerto Rico.
4. (used to indicate distance)
a. de
The car stopped just two meters from the finish line.El auto se detuvo a sólo dos metros de la meta.
5. (used to indicate range)
a. de
The trip can take from 30 to 45 minutes, depending on traffic.El viaje puede tardar de 30 a 45 minutos, según el tráfico.
6. (used to indicate removal)
a. de
He was dismissed from his post.Lo despidieron de su cargo.
7. (used to indicate cause)
a. de
He died from a brain tumor.Murió de un tumor cerebral.
8. (used to indicate prevention)
a. de
The plants need to be protected from frost.Hay que proteger las plantas de las heladas.
9. (in comparisons)
a. de
My situation is different from yours.Mi situación es diferente de la tuya.
10. (mathematics)
a. menos
25 from 50 is 25.50 menos 25 es 25.
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