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Could someone from admin please find a better way to accomodate the advertisements (if there needed for us to have a free space ), or re-design so that the ads do not disrupt our using the options available to us. I am not able to retrieve the options under 'more' like conjugations, reference, and blog (only the very first one, 'word of the day' is retrievable ), because the ad is in the way when I place the cursor there.

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posted by Nise
(if they're needed, or necessary, for us to have a free site) - peregrinamaria, JUL 5, 2010
I've had the same problem with the "more" menu. - fontanero, JUL 5, 2010
Gracias for all the comments here!! And suggesting I look here. My main concern is the slowness. I am using a notebook and it has less memory so I know this is part of my problem. But it is what I have. Also I will try for rep points over the next month. - bandit51jd, JUL 24, 2010

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I almost abandoned this site because of those ads. I understand the site has to be funded, totally, I understand. But I also thought they should be less obnoxious.

The value of the site versus having to deal with the ads won out and I stayed. And I have to admit, I worked harder on getting to the 4000 reps than I did on learning Spanish for a while.

I learned a number of tricks to deal with the ads and to live with the ads; you will learn your own, I am sure.

Start with your browser, I suspect you are using IE (Internet Explorer),yes? If you see some of the questions showing up in smaller font and you can't click to open, you are probably using IE. Consider using Mozilla Firefox.

Each page refresh will change the ads you have, so will using the back button. I did bigger screens, smaller screens, relocated ... and kept plugging away.

Shoot for the 4000, it will make a really big difference, in how long it takes a page to load as well as the fewer interruptions.

Tips for the 4K? Start every day selecting at least 10 of the other's answers to vote for. At least ten, but the more the merrier and if you learn something from each of them, who is the real winner? Participate in the A-Zs, Picture of the Day, Mysterious Object ... etc.

Don't worry about starting your own games or threads (not to talk you out of it) because most of the time this or that good answer will get almost as many votes and you don't have to do the work of moderating.

Keep in mind you can't spend any of the points or trade in any of the badges but the Spanish you learn may reward you the rest of your life.

I worked hard to get a reputation as a funny guy but I mean all of this.

Sorry about your frustration, this too shall pass.

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posted by LateToDinner
Wonderful. I will likely eventually Participate in the A-Zs, Picture of the Day, Mysterious Object ... etc. I might just like doing a game. I like creating. I really appreciate the tips! Adios! - Nise, JUL 4, 2010
Nice answer Late. - Yeser007, JUL 4, 2010
Kind of you to say so, thanks - LateToDinner, JUL 4, 2010
Great answer. - --Mariana--, JUL 5, 2010
:) - LateToDinner, JUL 6, 2010

Hello Nise:

I have to apologize.

At first I thought you were complaining about the ads, but now I see that you were simply pointing out about how the ads appear.

Please accept my apologies.

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posted by Rolest
Rolest - I am loving that you are taking the time to apologize. God Bless your heart! - Nise, JUL 6, 2010

Hi Nise, and welcome to the forum.

The thing that always used to get in my way for the "More"menu was the bookmark thingy. I think they have fixed that because I can't get it to get in my way anymore.

I can't replicate the problem you are talking about because I don't get all the ads that you do. Once you reach a certain number of points, which I believe is 4000- the ads are greatly reduced. so please hang with us and it will get better, I promise!

In the meantime, maybe this will help?





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posted by Goyo
Well aren't you a gem. Thank you for those options. I wonder if I can copy them to my home page. Otherwise, I can always come visit this question again! Gratias! - Nise, JUL 4, 2010

Although I have not quite made it to 4,000 and the utopian Land of Reduced Advertising, this has not been a problem for me. The drop-down menus pull down in front of the ads, not vice versa. Perhaps it might be something to do with your browser? I normally use either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, though I have also just checked to see how the site would look on Internet Explorer and can't replicate your problem there either.

The other thought that springs to mind is that it might be worth playing with your display settings. I am using 1680 x 1050, though I have just tried using some lower resolution settings and that didn't cause my PC to replicate your problem either. Still, it might be worth a shot.

I am sure that it must be very frustrating but hang in there!

updated JUL 7, 2010
posted by peregrinamaria
Ah, but you are there now! (Congratulations!) And do you not notice that the pages load quicker, and the ads are less intrusive? - LateToDinner, JUL 6, 2010
Thank you, LateToDinner. The banner has definitely disappeared from the top of the page, and I seem to be down to 1 ad,so that's good news. The site does seem to be quicker to load today but I don't know if that's just me, or if it's faster for everyone. - peregrinamaria, JUL 6, 2010
Oh gee whiz. I'm not that, "a computer whiz" that is! though I may be a poet!! thanks for answering though. - Nise, JUL 6, 2010
Typically, the ads load first. The more ads, the longer you wait, especially when the ads involve action as so many of these do. - LateToDinner, JUL 7, 2010

While I agree that we must have advertisements to pay for our free SpanishDict, it's not necessary for the tech team to allow the ads to block important parts of the website.

I think they should be aware that the "More" tab is being blocked by ads.

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posted by --Mariana--

I have the same problem confused

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posted by crazy_for_sugar
If they we're available to me, I would put a sad face on for you! : C - Nise, JUL 6, 2010

They will lighten up at 4000 and I believe 10000. Having less ads is a perk of more reputation.

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posted by jeezzle
Are you serious or being your jovial self? - Delores--Lindsey, JUL 4, 2010
No they really do lighten up as you progress with reputation. - jeezzle, JUL 4, 2010
Jeezle... your a whiz! Tha'ts sure incentive to get those points up! I DID send the question to the Feedback option. Hopefully, they will find a way! - Nise, JUL 4, 2010

I believe that complaint has been discussed before, but you know what they say about the squeaky wheel....

Mateo 7:7 (Reina-Valera 1995)

7 Pedid, y se os dará; buscad, y hallaréis; llamad, y se os abrirá,

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posted by 0074b507
I'm sure I knew that saying once upon a time... That sounds like a good idiom to provide for the new phrases section. Why don't you send it in? - Nise, JUL 4, 2010
The squeaky wheel is the one that gets greased. No idea how to render that into spanish although I think I have heard an idiom that means the same thing. - 0074b507, JUL 4, 2010

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Oh nevermind. I'll say it in English for now! I am glad to share with you that the above problem is resolved in my case. I can now view the 'More' choices w/o the adds covering it up. The drop down menu now goes atop of the ads rather than vice versa. Furthermore, I now can use the 'smiley's provided! // My learningj points have reached 12K. , and I've just completed the Lesson one portion. So for any out there with the problem described. No worries! It will soon be rectified! Just 'keep on keeping on'. As 'teach' says, ¡Vamonos! (ooh ooh! should there be an accent somewhere on that word?) grin cool smirk

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posted by Nise
Here's one more towards getting your 4K. - Yeser007, JUL 27, 2010

Welcome to the forum Nise, you will probably get a lot of these remarks on this one but Rolest and everyone so far is absolutely correct. For what you get here for free it makes no sense to complain about a couple of ads. Hang in there, by 1K you'll be so hooked on this site that you probably won't notice them anymore and at 4K many will be gone anyway.


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posted by Yeser007
I reached 4k rep about 2 weeks ago, but I didn't notice a drop in ads displayed... :( - amykay, JUL 4, 2010
I'm asking, not complaining. Though I've realized that 'Feedback ' is an available option for reporting technical bugs. I'm also becoming aware that it may not so much be a technical problem as a way it is set up. In which case, amykay, hope soon. - Nise, JUL 4, 2010
AmyKay, you are just too involved to notice piddly stuff like that ... oh, to be young again! - LateToDinner, JUL 4, 2010
AK you should have noticed the banner ad at the top is gone. - Yeser007, JUL 4, 2010
I'm telling you, Yesero, she is partying too hard to notice! Did you buy any of the babies she was selling? I think it was Buy 2, Get 3 free? - LateToDinner, JUL 4, 2010

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Hello Nise:

As you get more points, you will get less advertising. The more you contribute to the site, the more points you will get. Just as in life, our value is equal to our contributions.

Keep in mind, this is a FREE site. Would you prefer to PAY for the all of this information?

Where else can you get so much for so little?

updated JUL 6, 2010
posted by Rolest
Thanks rolest. I am not complaining about having the ads, as I know they are the reason for having this lovely learning tool free. I am only looking to resolve the dilemma of not having the options that are offered us. if needs be, i will anticipate my 4k - Nise, JUL 4, 2010
Great attitude, Nise! - LateToDinner, JUL 4, 2010
Nise: See my other answer. I misunderstood your intent, and I apologize. - Rolest, JUL 4, 2010
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