SpanishDict Reference Guide

SpanishDict Reference Guide

Spanish Language Reference

The Spanish Language Reference is a comprehensive guide to using the Spanish Language. Explanations, examples, and exercises are provided for Spanish grammar and the usage of Spanish verbs. Comprehensive word-lists and fun cultural materials are also integrated into the reference. Explore, learn, enjoy.

Spanish Grammar

The Spanish Grammar section is your gateway to understanding the proper way to write and speak Spanish. Learn how to make comparisons. Understand the difference between ser and estar. In this comprehensive reference, you can even learn about the elusive neuter article. Go to the Spanish Grammar reference >>.

Spanish Verbs

In our Spanish verb reference, discover not only how to conjugate verbs, but when and how to use them. Start expressing feelings with the subjunctive, talking about the past with the preterit, and speaking about the future with the futuro. Go to the Spanish Verb reference >>.

Spanish Words

Interested in using Spanish for travel? Maybe you want to understand Spanish in the work setting. Or perhaps, you just want to use common phrases with friends. In the Spanish Words section you will find a thorough list of the vocabulary you need to start talking about whatever it is that interests you. Go to the Spanish Word reference >>.

Spanish Media

Experience the pleasure of Spanish entertainment and media, with our calalogue of Salsa music or our featured Spanish Cartoons. In the Spanish Media reference, you will find a wealth of information on Spanish television, Spanish music, Spanish radio, Spanish newspapers, and Spanish videos. Go to the Spanish Media reference >>.

Spanish Learning Resources

A comprehensive list of all the amazing learning resources you have at your fingertips here at SpanishDict and other sites. Videos, transcripts, news reports, readings of your favorite novels! Go to the Spanish Learning Resource>>

Technical Support

Ever wonder how to type those accented letters or upside-down punctuation marks? Need to know how to include a picture in your forum post or add a set of flashcards? In the Technical Support reference you will find the answers to these questions and many more on solving the techy problems you may have. Go to the Technical Support reference>>

updated ABR 29, 2012
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