Ventanilla in English | Spanish to English Translation
feminine noun
1. window (de vehículo, sobre)
2. counter (taquilla)
VENTANILLA ÚNICA Dealing with government bureaucracy has traditionally been a complicated matter in Spain. Obtaining permits, passports and other documents could involve numerous visits to different offices (or even towns), and take a lot of time and effort. The ventanilla única (literally “single window”) initiative has been introduced to improve this situation. By ensuring that information from local, regional and national government levels is available in the same place, the system is also intended to improve communication between government and the public.
1 [de vehículo] window
si tienes calor baja la ventanilla open the window if you're hot
2 (en cine, teatro) box office; (en oficina) window
entregué la solicitud en ventanilla
recoja sus entradas en la ventanilla pick your tickets up at the box office; para abonar en cuenta pase por ventanilla please make deposits at the cash desk; me tuvieron todo el día de ventanilla en ventanilla they gave me the runaround all day (familiar); programa de ventanilla única programme to simplify bureaucratic procedures
3 [de sobre] window
4 (Anatomía) (also ventanilla de la nariz) nostril
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