masculine noun
1. trick (trampa, engaño)
  • un truco de magia -> a magic trick
  • la baraja no tiene truco -> it's a perfectly normal pack o (British) deck of cards (United States)
2. knack (habilidad, técnica)
  • el truco está en saber no dejarlo demasiado tiempo en el horno -> the secret is not to leave it in the oven for too long
  • pillarle el truco (a algo) -> to get the knack (of something)
  • tiene truco -> there's a knack to it
  • no tiene truco -> there's nothing to it
  • truco publicitario -> advertising gimmick

truco [troo’-co]
1. A skillful push at trucks. (m)
  • Trucos -> trucks, a game resembling billiards
2. Punch (puñetazo). (Andes) (m)
3. (Cono Sur) Popular card game. (m)

1 (ardid) trick; dodge; (Cine) trick effect; piece of trick photography
el tío tiene muchos trucos the fellow is up to all the tricks in the book; coger el truco a algn to see how sb works a trick; catch on to sb's little game; arte de los trucos conjuring
truco de naipes card trick
truco publicitario advertising gimmick
2 (habilidad) knack
coger el truco to get the knack; get the hang of it; catch on
3 (And) (S. Cone) (puñetazo) punch; bash (familiar)
4 (S. Cone) (Naipes) popular card game
5 trucos (Billar) billiards
; (s)
; (s)

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