tremula is the feminine form of trémulo.
1. (literary) (shaking) 
a. trembling 
El cazador miró el cuerpo trémulo del animal herido.The hunter looked at the wounded animal's trembling body.
b. quavering 
La mujer, asustada, respondía con voz trémula a las preguntas del policía.The frightened woman answered the policeman's questions in a quavering voice.
c. tremulous (literary) 
Silvio estaba nervioso y era incapaz de controlar sus trémulas manos.Silvio was nervous and incapable of controlling his tremulous hands.
2. (literary) (twinkling) 
Berta trataba de leer a la trémula luz de un candil.Berta was trying to read under the flickering light of an oil lamp.
1. (voz) 
a. trembling 
2. (luz) 
a. flickering 
[+voz] tremulous; shaky; quavering; [+mano] trembling; [+luz] flickering
le contestó trémula de emoción she answered him, trembling o quivering with emotion
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