Tremendo in English | Spanish to English Translation
tremendo, -a
1. tremendous, enormous (enorme)
2. (enfadado)
  • ponerse tremendo, -a to get very angry
1 (grandísimo) tremendous
hay unas diferencias tremendas entre los dos there are tremendous differences between the two of them; le dio una paliza tremenda he gave him a tremendous beating; un error tremendo a terrible mistake; me llevé un disgusto tremendo I was terribly upset; una roca tremenda de alta a terrifically high rock (familiar)
2 (terrible) terrible; horrific
hemos presenciado escenas tremendas we witnessed terrible o horrific scenes
3 (divertido)
es tremendo, ¿eh? he's something else, isn't he? (familiar)
4 (travieso)
esta niña es tremenda this girl is a (little) terror
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