1. (act of transporting) 
School transportation costs $200 per student per month. El costo del transporte escolar es de $200 por estudiante por mes.
You need to go to the Department of Transportation to ask for the necessary permits.Necesitas acudir al Departamento de Transportación para pedir los permisos necesarios.
2. (system of transport) 
The transportation system in Mexico is quite good; the buses are cheap and fast.El sistema de transporte en México es muy bueno; los autobuses son baratos y rápidos.
1. (general) 
a. el transporte (M) 
2. (history) 
a. la deportación (F) (as punishment) 
transportation [ˌtrænspɔːˈteɪʃən]
1 especially (US) (transport) transporte (m)
The airplane made transportation by any other mode seem disadvantageously longer the victim many times must find affordable transportation to court the problems of safe handling, storage, transportation and disposal of radioactive wastes parents must provide transportation for their children they had agreed to pay his living and transportation expenses
mass transportation (US) transporte (m) público
cities with well-developed mass transportation systems many people left their cars at home, opting for mass transportation even here in New York City where mass transportation is—is abundant, I drive into the city every day people who ride mass transportation every day
2 (Hist) [of criminal] deportación (f)
Hamilton was sentenced to seven years' transportation to an Australian penal colony
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public transportation
el transporte público
means of transportation
el medio de transporte
mode of transportation
el medio de transporte
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