feminine noun
1. = flat, round plain cake; cake (cooking) (de harina) (dulce) (peninsular SpanishCSur, Venezuelan Spanish); pie (salada) (Andes, CAm, Carib, RP); flat omelet, frittata (tortilla) (Mexican Spanish); filled roll (sandwich) (Mexican Spanish)
  • nos costó la torta un pan (figurative) -> it cost us an arm and a leg
2. slap (in the face) (informal) (bofetada)
  • dar o pegar una torta a alguien -> to slap somebody (in the face)
3. thump (informal) (golpe, accidente)
  • darse o pegarse una torta -> to bang oneself; (al caer) to have a smash (con el coche)
4. (informal)
  • ni torta -> not a thing

torta [tor’-tah]
1. A round cake made of various ingredients (pastel). (f)
2. Torta or torta de pan, a loaf of bread. (Colloquial) (f)
3. Font, or portion of type fresh from the casting. (f)
4. Omelette. (Ante Meridian & Central America & Mexico) (m)
5. (Tip.) Fount. (m)
6. Punch (puñetazo). (m)
  • Agarrar una torta -> to get pissed

1 (bofetada) thump; (puñetazo) punch; sock (familiar); (caída) fall; (choque) crash
liarse a tortas to get involved in a punch-up
2 (pastel) cake; (con base de masa quebrada) tart; flan; (crepe) pancake; (México) sandwich
la torta costó un pan it worked out dearer than expected; it was more trouble than it was worth
eso es tortas y pan pintado it's child's play; it's a cinch (muy_familiar)
¡ni torta! I haven't a clue!; not the foggiest!
no entendió ni torta he didn't understand a word of it
nos queda la torta there's a lot left over
3 (Centroamérica) (México) (tortilla)
torta de huevos omelet(te)
4 (España) (borrachera)
agarrar una torta to get plastered (familiar)
estar con la torta
5 (Tipografía) font

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