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feminine noun
1. size (medida)
  • ¿qué talla usas? what size are you?
  • no es de mi talla it's not my size
2. height (estatura)
  • es de mi talla she's as tall as me
3. stature (capacidad)
  • dar la talla to be up to it
  • no dio la talla como representante del colegio he wasn't up to the task of representing his school
4. carving (Arte) (en madera); sculpture (en piedra)
5. cutting (de piedra preciosa)
1 [de ropa] size
camisas de todas las tallas shirts in all sizes; ¿de qué talla son estos pantalones? what size are these trousers?
2 (altura) height
dar la talla to be tall enough; to measure up; no ha dado la talla para ingresar en el ejército he wasn't tall enough to join the army; he didn't satisfy the minimum height requirement for joining the army; no dio la talla como solista he didn't make the grade as a soloist; he didn't measure up as a soloist; no dio la talla en la disputa he couldn't hold his own in the argument; tener poca talla to be short
3 (categoría, nivel) stature
hay pocos políticos de la talla de este ministro there are few politicians of the stature of this minister
4 (Arte) (escultura) sculpture; [de madera] carving; (grabado) engraving
talla en madera woodwork; wood carving
5 (vara) measuring rod
6 (Naipes) hand
7 (Med) gallstones operation
8 (Jur) reward for capture of a criminal; (for capture of a criminal)
poner a algn a talla to offer a reward for sb's capture
1 (Centroamérica) (mentira) fib; lie
2 (S. Cone) (chismes) gossip; chitchat; (piropo) compliment
echar tallas a algn to pay a compliment to a woman
echar talla(s) a algn
echar talla to put on airs
3 (And) (paliza) beating
4 (México) (pelea) set-to (familiar); squabble
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