feminine noun
1. size (medida)
  • ¿qué talla usas? -> what size are you?
  • no es de mi talla -> it's not my size
2. height (estatura)
  • es de mi talla -> she's as tall as me
3. stature (capacidad)
  • dar la talla -> to be up to it
  • no dio la talla como representante del colegio -> he wasn't up to the task of representing his school
4. carving (Arte) (en madera); sculpture (en piedra)
5. cutting (de piedra preciosa)

talla [tahl'-lyah]
1. Raised work, cut in wood or stone, sculpture (escultura). (f)
  • Obra de talla -> carved work
2. Dues paid by vessels to the lord of the manor. (f)
3. Hansom, or reward for the capture of some noted criminal. (f)
4. Jug with water put into the air to cool, or suspended in a draught. (Province; Provinicial) (f)
5. Stature, size. (f)
6. Operation of cutting for the stone. (f)
7. A wooden instrument for measuring a man’s height. (Military) (f)
  • Poner talla -> to offer a reward for the apprehension of a criminal
  • Camisas de todas las tallas -> shirts in all sizes
  • No dio la talla -> he didn't measure up, he wasn't up to it

1 [de ropa] size
camisas de todas las tallas shirts in all sizes; ¿de qué talla son estos pantalones? what size are these trousers?
2 (altura) height
dar la talla to be tall enough; to measure up; no ha dado la talla para ingresar en el ejército he wasn't tall enough to join the army; he didn't satisfy the minimum height requirement for joining the army; no dio la talla como solista he didn't make the grade as a soloist; he didn't measure up as a soloist; no dio la talla en la disputa he couldn't hold his own in the argument; tener poca talla to be short
3 (categoría, nivel) stature
hay pocos políticos de la talla de este ministro there are few politicians of the stature of this minister
4 (Arte) (escultura) sculpture; [de madera] carving; (grabado) engraving
talla en madera woodwork; wood carving
5 (vara) measuring rod
6 (Naipes) hand
7 (Med) gallstones operation
8 (Jur) reward for capture of a criminal; (for capture of a criminal)
poner a algn a talla to offer a reward for sb's capture
1 (Centroamérica) (mentira) fib; lie
2 (S. Cone) (chismes) gossip; chitchat; (piropo) compliment
echar tallas a algn to pay a compliment to a woman
echar talla(s) a algn
echar talla to put on airs
3 (And) (paliza) beating
4 (México) (pelea) set-to (familiar); squabble

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