take out

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take out
transitive verb phrase
1. (remove) 
a. sacar 
her job really takes it out of hersu trabajo la deja totalmente agotada
to t it out on somebodypagarla or desahogarse con alguien
2. (person) 
a. sacar 
to t somebody out for a meal/to a restaurantllevar a alguien a comer/a un restaurante
3. (obtain; license) 
a. sacarse 
4. (insurance policy) 
a. contratar, suscribir 
to t out a subscriptionsuscribirse
take out
transitive verb
1 (bring, carry out) sacar
he took the dog out for a walk sacó el perro a pasear; can I take you out to lunch/the cinema? ¿le puedo invitar a almorzar/al cine?
2 (remove) (gen) sacar; extraer; sacar; [+tooth] [+stain] quitar; limpiar; (Mil) [+target, enemy position] eliminar
pull out, extract
3 (procure) [+patent, licence] obtener; [+insurance policy] sacar
to take out insurance hacerse un seguro
to take it out on sb: when he got the sack he took it out on his wife cuando le despidieron del trabajo, se desquitó con su mujer; don't take it out on me! ¡no te desquites conmigo!
to take out of: seeing that film took me out of myself esa película me hizo olvidar mis propios problemas; it takes it out of you te deja hecho pedazos (informal)
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