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1. (de él) 
a. his 
2. (de ella) 
a. hers 
3. (de uno) 
a. one's (own) 
4. (de ellos, ellas) 
a. theirs 
5. (de usted, ustedes) 
a. yours 
este libro es suyothis book is his/hers/ etc
un amigo suyoa friend of his/hers/ etc
no es asunto suyoit's none of his/her/ etc business
6. (fam fig) 
es muy suyohe's a law unto himself
7. (general) 
el suyohis
8. (expresiones) 
de suyoin itself
hacer de las suyasto be up to his/her/ etc usual tricks
hacer suyoto make one's own
9. (colloquial) 
esta es la suyathis is the chance he's been waiting for o his big chance
lo suyo es el teatrotheater is his/her etc thing
lo suyo sería volverthe proper thing to do would be to go back
10. (colloquial) 
los suyoshis/her/etc folks
suyoa suya
possessive adjective
1 (de él) his; (de ella) her; (de ellos, ellas) their
la culpa es suya it's his/her etc fault; —permiso —es suyo (Chile) (México) "excuse me" — "yes?"; no es amigo suyo he is not a friend of his/hers etc; no es culpa suya it's not his/her etc fault; it's no fault of his/hers etc; varios libros suyos (de ellos) several books of theirs; several of their books
hacer algo suyo
hizo suyas mis palabras he echoed my words
eso es muy suyo that's just like him; that's typical of him
él es un hombre muy suyo (reservado) he's a man who keeps very much to himself; (quisquilloso) he's a very fussy sort
2 (de usted, ustedes) your
¿es suyo esto? is this yours?
(de él) his; (de ella) hers; (de usted, ustedes) yours; (de animal, cosa) its; (de uno mismo) one's own; (de ellos, ellas) theirs
este libro es el suyo this book is his/hers etc; los suyos (familia) one's family o relations; (partidarios) one's own people o supporters; suyo afectísimo yours faithfully o sincerely; yours truly; (EEUU)
de suyo in itself; intrinsically
lo suyo (what is) his; (su parte) his share; what he deserves
aguantar lo suyo (su parte) to do one's share; (mucho) to put up with a lot; él pesa lo suyo he's really heavy; he's a fair weight
hacer de las suyas to get up to one's old tricks
ir a la suya
ir a lo suyo
to go one's own way; to go one's own sweet way; think only of o.s.
salirse con la suya to get one's own way; (en una discusión) to carry one's point
cada cual a lo suyo it's best to mind one's own business
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