1. (effectively) 
The round of talks concluded successfully.La ronda de conversaciones concluyó con éxito.
2. (satisfactorily) 
The candidate for doctor has successfully demonstrated his merit.El doctorando ha demostrado su mérito satisfactoriamente.
1. (general) 
a. con éxito 
successfully [səkˈsesfəlɪ]
1 (effectively) con éxito
...doubts as to whether tasks can be successfully accomplished ...after she had successfully accomplished her mission the first part of the plan was successfully achieved in March the operation has been successfully carried out on more than 200 patients individuals and communities who have successfully campaigned for new housing
he successfully defended his title defendió con éxito su título
...when Elton John successfully [sued] The Sun in 1988 government forces have successfully [completed] a military operation
our main objective has been successfully accomplished hemos conseguido or logrado nuestro objetivo principal; Pattie successfully evaded the police Pattie consiguió or logró evadir a la policía
he successfully avoided being labelled a troublemaker
2 (satisfactorily) satisfactoriamente
the problem has been successfully resolved el problema se ha resuelto satisfactoriamente
the crisis cannot be successfully resolved
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