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1. (oral address)
a. el discurso (M)
The speaker gave a moving speech at the graduation ceremony.El orador dio un discurso conmovedor en la ceremonia de graduación.
2. (ability to speak)
a. el habla (F)
Many people say that speech is exclusive to human beings.Mucha gente dice que el habla es propia del ser humano.
3. (spoken communication)
a. el habla (F)
The word "antediluvian" is not used much in everyday speech.No se usa mucho la palabra "antediluviano" en el habla cotidiana.
1. habla (f) (faculty)
  • speech defect or impediment defecto (m) del habla or de dicción
  • speech therapist logopeda (sustantivo masculino)
  • speech therapy logopedia (f)
2. habla (f) lenguaje (m) (language)
3. discurso (m) (of politician, at conference); parlamento (m) (Theat)
  • to give or make a speech dar or pronunciar un discurso
  • speech day (escuela) ceremonia (f) de fin de curso (británico)
4. (gramática)
  • part of speech categoría (f) gramatical
  • direct/indirect speech estilo (m) directo/indirecto
speech [spiːtʃ]
1 (faculty) habla (f)
act of speaking
(words) palabras (f); (language) lenguaje (m); (manner of speaking) lenguaje (m); forma (f) de hablar
to lose the power of speech perder el habla; to recover one's speech recobrar el habla; recobrar la palabra; his speech was slurred arrastraba las palabras; farfullaba al hablar
his speech was garbled and confused
he expresses himself better in speech than in writing se expresa mejor hablando or de palabra que por escrito
better in speech than in writing
children's speech el lenguaje de los niños; freedom of speech libertad (f) de expresión; to be slow of speech hablar lentamente; ser torpe de palabra
without further speech
2 (address) discurso (m)
She recited a speech from `As You Like It". He gave a very amusing speech at her wedding
to make a speech pronunciar un discurso; speech, speech! ¡que hable! ¡que hable!
3 (Britain) (Gram)
direct/indirect speech estilo (m) directo/indirecto
speech act (n) acto (m) de habla
speech analysis (n) análisis (m) de la voz
speech command (n) comando (m) vocal
speech community (n) comunidad (f) lingüística
speech day (n) (Britain) reparto (m) de premios
speech defect speech impediment (n) defecto (m) del habla
speech organ (n) órgano (m) del habla
speech recognition (n) (Comput) reconocimiento (m) de voz
These interfaces will use pointing devices such as mice, alongside handwriting and speech recognition ...speech recognition software/systems/technology
speech synthesizer (n) sintetizador (m) de la voz humana
speech therapist (n) logopeda (m)
speech therapy (n) terapia (f) de la palabra
speech training (n) lecciones (f) de elocución
speech writer (n) escritoraescritora (m) (f) de discursos;a escritora redactoraredactora (m) (f) de discursos;a redactora
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