usage note
This word must be preceded by the definite article in the sense shown in 8).
1. (ill) 
a. enfermo 
I haven't been sick for a long time.Hace mucho tiempo que no estoy enfermo.
b. malo 
I've been sick for a week now.Llevo una semana malo ya.
2. (nauseated) 
a. mareado 
I feel a bit sick. I think I need to sit down for a bit.Me siento algo mareado. Creo que debería sentarme un rato.
3. (fed up; used with "of") 
a. harto de 
I'm sick of putting up with them.Estoy harta de aguantarlos.
4. (gruesome) 
a. morboso 
Uncle Armando has a sick fascination with traffic accidents.El tío Armando tiene una fascinación morbosa con los accidentes de tránsito.
5. (inappropriate) 
She was quite offended with his sick joke.Ese chiste suyo de mal gusto la ofendió.
6. (colloquial) (cool) (United States) 
a. genial 
My brother bought a sick bike this weekend.Mi hermano se compró una moto genial este fin de semana.
b. chévere (colloquial) (Latin America) 
Look, that car is super sick.Mira, ese carro está súper chévere.
c. padrísimo (colloquial) (Mexico) 
My uncle lives in a sick house in Polanco.Mi tío vive en una casa padrísimo en Polanco.
d. bacán (colloquial) (South America) 
That's a sick watch, dude.Está bacán tu reloj, amigo.
7. (vomit) (United Kingdom) 
There was a pool of sick in the toilet.Había un charco de vómito en el inodoro.
What is that you're eating? It looks like a plate of sick.¿Qué estás comiendo? Parece un plato de devuelto.
plural noun
8. (ill people) 
This religious order helps the sick.Esta orden religiosa ayuda a los enfermos.
1. (colloquial) (United Kingdom) 
a. el vómito (M) (vomit) 
b. el devuelto (M) (Spain) 
2. (general) 
a. no direct translation 
the sicklos enfermos
3. (ill) 
a. enfermo(a) 
to be sickestar enfermo
to feel sicksentirse mal
to make oneself sickprovocarse el vómito
you're going to make yourself sick!¡te vas a empachar!
4. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
it makes me sick!¡me pone enfermo(a)!
5. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
to be worried sickestar muerto(a) de preocupación
sick bayenfermería f
sick leavebaja por enfermedad
sick notecertificado de baja (por enfermedad)
sick paypaga por enfermedad
6. (fed up) 
a. no direct translation 
to be sick of somebody/somethingestar harto(a) de alguien/algo
to grow sick of somethinghartarse de algo
to be sick and tired of somebody/something, to be sick to death of somebody/somethingestar hasta la coronilla de alguien/algo
7. (cruel; humor, joke) 
a. morboso(a), macabro(a) 
8. (person) 
a. retorcido(a) 
to have a sick mindtener una mente retorcida, ser retorcido
sick [sɪk]
sicker (comparative)sickest (superlative)
1 (ill) [+person] enfermo; [+animal] malo; enfermo
your uncle is very sick tu tío está muy enfermo
...a sick child... I remembered how sick she had been.
to fall sick enfermar; caer enfermo
The two girls fell sick and died.
to go sick faltar por estar enfermo al colegio, trabajo etc; (al colegio, trabajo etc) (with a medical certificate) estar de baja
He went sick for three days last week
to make sb look sick (US) (appear inferior) hacer parecer poca cosa a algn
the Romanians made our team look sick los rumanos dejaron a nuestro equipo muy atrás; el equipo rumano era como para darle complejo a nuestro equipo (informal)
to be off sick faltar por estar enfermo al colegio, trabajo etc; (al colegio, trabajo etc) (with a medical certificate) estar de baja
He had a bout of malaria and was off sick for some time.
she phoned or called in sick llamó para decir que estaba enferma
George won't be at the meeting. He phoned in sick this morning to be [worried] sick sick with [worry] He was worried sick/sick with worry that the factory might close. Where have you been? I've been sick with worry/ worried sick
to be sick at heart also (despondent) estar angustiado
More of my friends were leaving the war-torn city, for the simple reason that they were sick at heart After playing so valiantly, one small mistake lost them the match. The whole team must have been sick at heart
to be sick (Britain) (vomit) devolver; vomitar
I think I'm going to be sick... He was kneeling by the lavatory being violently sick.
to feel sick (Britain) (nauseous) tener ganas de devolver or de vomitar; tener náuseas
flying makes me feel sick ir en avión me produce mareo or náuseas
to make sb sick hacer devolver or vomitar a algn
eating too many chocolates made her sick
to make o.s. sick (deliberately) hacerse vomitar or devolver
I stuck my fingers down my throat to make myself sick
you'll make yourself sick if you eat all those sweets te vas a poner malo si comes todos esos caramelos
to be as sick as a dog echar las tripas (very_informal); echar la primera papilla (very_informal)
He eats 16 chocolate eggs and is as sick as a dog to be sick to one's stomach
3 (fed up)
to be sick of (doing) sth estar harto de (hacer) algo (informal)
Europe was sick of war... I'm sick of those people, they're so bloody boring We're sick of sitting around waiting for something to happen...
to be sick and tired or sick to death of (doing) sth estar hasta la coronilla de (hacer) algo (informal); estar más que harto de (hacer) algo (informal)
The American people have said in numerous polls that they're sick and tired of the whole thing I'm sick and tired of having to repeat myself
to be sick of the sight of sb estar más que harto de algn (informal)
to be sick [to] death of (doing) sth I'm sick to death of all this sport on TV at the moment Politicians? I'm just sick to death of all of them I'm sick to death of hearing about it
to be as sick as a parrot (Britain) sentirse fatal
Suddenly finding himself on the dole, Paul Avery said: "I'm as sick as a parrot. I've got debts, I've got problems. What am I going to do now?" "How did you feel when you had an open goal and missed?" - "I felt sick as a parrot."
4 (disgusted)
I feel sick about the way she was treated me asquea la forma en que la trataron
it makes me sick the way they waste our money me pone enferma ver la manera en que malgastan nuestro dinero
she's never without a boyfriend, makes you sick, doesn't it? siempre tiene algún novio, da rabia ¿no? (informal); it's enough to make you sick es como para sacarle a uno de quicio; es como para desesperarse
after all she said about him, she went and bought him a birthday present! it's enough to make you sick it's enough to make you sick, the way he sucks up to the boss they deducted 40% in taxes - it's enough to make you sick we missed the train by 1 minute - it's enough to make you sick! Then, just as you begin to believe you might win a game, you start getting hammered. It's enough to make you sick
you make me sick! ¡me das asco!; it makes me sick to my stomach me revienta; me da ganas de vomitar
I feel sick about what happened After it was all over I just felt sick (inside) It makes me sick to my stomach, every time I sit in a meeting and hear the same stupid arguments
5 (morbid) [+joke, act] de mal gusto; [+person, mind, sense of humour] morboso
it was the sickest thing she had ever heard of These boys have got a very sick wense of humour Who would be so sick as to do such a thing?... what kind of sick mind would think up something like that? she made a rather sick [joke]...
the sick los enfermos
The sick and the lonely are most at risk.
2 (Britain) (vomit) vómito (m); devuelto (m)
...a fat baby, who smelled of sick. his clothes were covered in sick
sick bag (n) bolsa (f) para el mareo
sick building syndrome (n) síndrome (m) del edificio enfermo
sick leave (n)
to be on sick leave tener permiso or baja por enfermedad; (Esp)
sick list (n) lista (f) de enfermos
to be on the sick list estar de permiso or de baja por enfermedad; (Esp)
sick note (n) justificante (m) por enfermedad
his dad wrote him a sick note for his teacher
sick pay (n) pago que se percibe mientras se está con permiso por enfermedad; baja (f); (Esp)
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