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set up
verbo transitivo con partícula
1. erigir (erect) (statue); montar (tent, barrier)
2. organizar (arrange, organize) (meeting, group); establecer (system, company)
  • to s up house or home instalarse
  • I've been set up! (familiar) ¡me han tendido una trampa! (I've been framed)
intransitive verb
3. establecerse (establish oneself)(as de or como)
  • to s up in business montar un negocio
set up
to set up in business establecerse en un negocio; to set up (in business) as a baker establecerse de panadero
transitive verb
1 (place in position) [+chairs, tables etc] disponer; colocar; [+statue, monument] levantar; erigir; [+fence] construir; poner
to set up camp acampar
2 (start) [+school, business, company] establecer; fundar; [+committee] poner en marcha; [+inquiry] constituir; [+fund] crear; [+government] establecer; instaurar; [+record] establecer; [+precedent] sentar; [+infection] causar; producir
to set up house establecerse; poner casa; to set up shop (Comm) poner (un) negocio; to set sb up in business poner un negocio a algn; establecer a algn; he set her up in a flat la instaló en un piso or departamento; (LAm) now he's set up for life ahora tiene el porvenir asegurado
3 (pose)
to set o.s. up as sth presumir de algo; hacérselas de algo
4 (frame) tender una trampa a
5 (lure into a trap) engañar; llevar al huerto a (informal)
they set him up good and proper
6 (fix, rig) [+fight] amañar; apañar
the fight was set up; Briggs ws told to take a dive in the fifth round
7 (equip) equipar; proveer;with de
to be well set up for estar bien provisto de; tener buena provisión de
8 (Tip) componer
9 (raise) [+cry] levantar; lanzar; dar; [+protest] levantar; formular
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