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feminine noun
1. satisfaction (agrado)
  • me dio mucha satisfacción -> I found it very satisfying
  • espero que todo sea de su satisfacción o esté a su satisfacción -> I hope everything is to your satisfaction
2. satisfaction (gusto)
  • darle a alguien la satisfacción de hacer algo -> to give somebody the satisfaction of doing something
  • darse la satisfacción de hacer algo -> to allow oneself the pleasure of doing something
3. (orgullo)
  • nos mostró sus trofeos con satisfacción -> he took great pleasure in showing us his trophies
  • sentir una gran satisfacción personal -> to feel a sense of fulfillment o satisfaction

satisfacción [sah-tis-fac-the-on’]
1. 1 Satisfaction, amends, atonement, recompense, apology (disculpa), excuse. (f)
2. Gratification (de ofensa), the act of pleasing, content, complacence, satisfaction, the state of being pleased. (f)
3. Presumption; confidence, security. (f)
4. Satisfaction, one of the three parts of the sacrament of penance. (f)
  • A satisfacción -> fully, according to one’s wishes
  • Con satisfacción -> (Coll.) without ceremony, in a friendly manner
  • Tomar satisfacción -> to satisfy oneself, to vindicate oneself, to revenge

1 (placer) satisfaction
a satisfacción de to the satisfaction of; a su entera satisfacción to his complete satisfaction; con satisfacción de todos to everyone's satisfaction
satisfacción laboral satisfacción profesional job satisfaction
2 [de ofensa] (compensación) satisfaction; redress; (disculpa) apology
pedir una satisfacción a algn to demand satisfaction from sb
satisfacción de sí mismo self-satisfaction; smugness

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