run after

run after
transitive verb phrase
1. (to pursue) 
a. perseguir 
The police ran after the thief, but he jumped onto the back of a truck and got away.La policía persiguió al ladrón, pero saltó a la parte de atrás de un camión y se escapó.
My husband ran after the thief who stole my purse.Mi esposo corrió tras el ladrón que me robó la bolsa.
Tom went running after his brother, but he couldn't catch up.Tom corrió detrás de su hermano, pero no lo alcanzó.
2. (to pursue romantically) 
a. perseguir 
Chris ran after Lucia for eight months before she finally relented to going on a date with him.Chris persiguió a Lucía durante ocho meses antes de que por fin aceptara salir con él.
run after
intransitive verb
(to catch up) correr tras; (chase) perseguir; [+women, men] correr detrás de; perseguir
He spends his time running after women
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