1. (medicine) 
I heard that your wife is sick. I hope she has a speedy recovery.Oí que tu esposa está enferma. Ojalá que tenga una recuperación rápida.
b. el restablecimiento (M) (formal) 
The procedure is expected to have a recovery period of at least two weeks.Se espera que el procedimiento tenga un periodo de restablecimiento de al menos dos semanas.
2. (finance) 
The recent recovery of the economy has revitalized the nation.La recuperación reciente de la economía ha revitalizado el país.
Surprisingly, the region's economic recovery was primarily due to an increase in taxes.Sorprendentemente, la reactivación de la economía de la región se debió principalmente a un aumento de los impuestos.
3. (retrieval) 
He thanked the policemen for the recovery of his stolen car.Le agradeció mucho a los policías por la recuperación de su carro robado.
The GPS can help in the recovery of your phone.El GPS puede ayudar en el rescate de tu móvil.
c. el cobro (M) (of a debt) 
The collections agency will garnish your wages to speed up the recovery of your debt.La agencia de cobros va a embargar tu salario para acelerar el cobro de tu deuda.
1. (of lost object) 
a. la recuperación (F) 
recovery vehicle(vehículo m) grúa f
2. (from illness, of economy) 
a. la recuperación (F) 
to make a recoveryrecuperarse
recovery positionposición de recuperación
recovery [rɪˈkʌvərɪ]
1 (after accident, illness) recuperación (f); restablecimiento (m) (formal); (after shock, blow) recuperación (f); [of currency] recuperación (f); (Economics) reactivación (f)
her chances of recovery are not good no tiene muchas posibilidades de recuperarse
best wishes for a speedy recovery he had been given less than a one in 500 chance of recovery by his doctors /complete recovery is not always possible/ due to damage to structures and tissues the shock of the operation delayed his recovery I have heard of several other miraculous recoveries from lupus today's recovery of the pound against the dollar recovery of data that has been accidentally deleted is not possible economic recovery is still a very long way off interest-rate cuts have failed to bring about economic recovery in many sectors of the economy the recovery has started it predicts no early recovery in the housing market
to be in recovery (from addiction) estar en rehabilitación
Carole, a compulsive pot smoker and alcoholic in recovery
to make a recovery recuperarse; restablecerse; she has made a full recovery se ha recuperado or restablecido completamente; prices made a slow recovery las cotizaciones tardaron en restablecerse
he is making a good recovery he made a remarkable recovery from a shin injury United made a recovery in the second half to win 2-1 it looks as if the market is finally making a recovery to be past recovery
to be on the road or way to recovery (Med) estar camino de la recuperación; (Economics) estar camino de la reactivación
she is now out of hospital and well on the way to recovery "/the economy is now on the road to recovery/," said the Chancellor with total conviction he promised to cut losses, strip out old management techniques and put the company back on the road to recovery the recovery of his self-confidence was a lengthy process the abrupt loss and recovery of consciousness the chances of recovery of memory are slight, even when the toxin has cleared from the body for these men recovery of their sexual potential begins with an honest reassessment of their expectations
2 (retrieval) [of bodies, wreck] rescate (m); [of debt] cobro (m); [of stolen property] recuperación (f); (Jur) [of money] recuperación (f); [of property] reivindicación (f); recuperación (f); (Comput) [of data] recuperación (f)
of space capsule, satellite
an action for recovery of damages una demanda por daños y perjuicios
a reward was offered for the recovery of the painting an anonymous phone-call led to the recovery of most of the stolen property the increased military presence has resulted in many arrests and the recovery of a large quantity of arms and ammunition the official death toll has doubled to eight with the recovery of four bodies from the Gulf of Mexico the astronauts' successful recovery of the satellite eliminated the need for a dangerous spacewalk recovery of travelling expenses can take up to a month responsibility for recovery of the loans has been taken over by a Swiss company he brought suit against his secretary for recovery of money embezzled from him she has a reasonable prospect of recovery from the insurer
3 (reclaiming) [of materials] recuperación (f)
the aim of this process is the recovery of usable metal and glass from waste material
the following day found the ship in heavy seas and dense fog - nevertheless, recovery operations began at 4.30 am when we arrived the rescue and recovery operations were still going on NASA's recovery operations branch a seven-year recovery period homoeopathic and herbal remedies may all be helpful in the recovery period [the] recovery position if he's starting to lose consciousness, put him in the recovery position roll him into the recovery position and treat him for shock once he comes round action to boost the economy and start the recovery process with addictions, learning to say no is part of the recovery process recovery programme, > recovery program an ambitious recovery programme was drawn up has made it clear there will be no reversal of his tough economic recovery plan John Major and Norman Lamont have come up with a multi-billion pound recovery package for the economy
recovery room (n) (Med) sala (f) de posoperatorio
the next thing you'll know is when you wake up in the recovery room she was transferred from the oerating theatre to a recovery ward
recovery service (n) (Aut) servicio (m) de rescate
BRS Rescue, an emergency recovery service for heavy trucks we offer a full UK and European recovery service through garage agents
recovery ship recovery vessel (n) nave (f) de salvamento
the wreck of the helicopter is now on board the recovery vessel Stadive the space capsule landed out of sight of the recovery ship
recovery time (n) tiempo (m) de recuperación
don't try to push yourself, as recovery time is slow with ME the operation would mean general anaesthesia and a lengthy recovery time accepting this situation could shorten your recovery time
recovery vehicle (n) (Aut) grúa (f)
he only hoped that none of the personnel-carriers would break down - they had no recovery vehicles
recovery ward (n) (Med) sala (f) de posoperatorio
the next thing you'll know is when you wake up in the recovery room she was transferred from the oerating theatre to a recovery ward
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