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1. (advice) 
She stopped eating gluten at the recommendation of her doctor.Dejó de comer gluten por recomendación de su doctor.
We're going to New York on vacation next week. Do you have any recommendations?Vamos de vacaciones a Nueva York la semana próxima. ¿Tienes alguna sugerencia?
2. (references) 
Out of all of the applicants, you had the best recommendations from former employers.De todos los candidatos, tú tenías las mejores recomendaciones de antiguos empleadores.
1. (general) 
a. la recomendación (F) 
on my/her recommendationrecomendado(a) por mí/por ella
recommendation [ˌrekəmenˈdeɪʃən]
1 (endorsement) recomendación (f)
it was my recommendation of her that got her the job a [letter] of recommendation I gave him a glowing letter of recommendation it would be very useful to obtain a letter of recommendation from a past employer the best way of finding a solicitor is through personal recommendation the hotel is not listed in any guide so /we rely on personal recommendation for our clientele/ personal recommendation is often a good guide to the therapist's ability
2 (suggestion, proposal) recomendación (f); sugerencia (f)
the committee's recommendations are unlikely to be made public
it is my recommendation that it should be destroyed recomiendo que se destruya
she was sent to an adult prison, despite a magistrate's recommendation that she be sent to a home for delinquent girls the recommendation that women should vote in Afghan elections is a controversial move
to make recommendations hacer recomendaciones or sugerencias
they are to meet tomorrow to make their recommendation he has made no recommendation to close any schools a committee has been set up to review the matter and make recommendations Lord Justice Woolf will make recommendations for reform in his report the decision that is taken will depend largely on what recommendation they make to the Prime Minister
to do sth on sb's recommendation or on the recommendation of sb hacer algo por recomendación or consejo de algn; hacer algo siguiendo la recomendación or consejo de algn
on his recommendation, they started with tortellini he stopped smoking on the recommendation of his doctor the decision was made on the recommendation of the Interior Minister it was on their recommendation that she joined his company in 1923 the government modified the scheme on the recommendation of the commission
3 (statement) recomendación (f)
could you write me a recommendation?
4 (good point)
his good looks were his only recommendation su buena presencia era lo único que le salvaba or su único atractivo
cheapness is the restaurant's only recommendation
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