feminine noun
1. race (humana)
  • raza humana -> human race
  • la raza blanca -> whites, white people
2. breed (animal)
  • de (pura) raza -> thoroughbred; (caballo) pedigree (perro)

raza [rah’-thah]
1. Race, generation, lineage, family, clan: branch of a family. (f)
2. Quality of cloth and other things. (f)
3. Each of the races of mankind. (f)
4. Ray of light. (f)
5. Cleft in a horse's hoof. (f)
  • Raza blanca -> white race

1 (grupo étnico) race; [de animal] breed
de raza de pura raza [+caballo] thoroughbred; [+perro] pedigree
raza blanca white race
raza humana human race
raza negra black race
2 (estirpe) stock
1 (grieta) crack; slit; fissure; (en tela) run
2 (rayo) ray of light
3 (Perú) (descaro) cheek (familiar)
¡qué tal raza! some cheek! (familiar); what a cheek! (familiar)

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