feminine noun
1. frog
  • te devolverá el libro cuando las ranas críen pelo (informal) -> you'll be waiting till the cows come home for him to give you that book back
  • salir rana (informal) -> to be a major disappointment

rana [rah’-nah]
1. A frog. (f)
2. Ranula. (Veterinary) (f)
  • Rana marina or pescadora -> (Zool.) frogfish, fishing-frog, or angler
  • Pero salió rana -> but he turned out badly

1 (Zoología) frog
cuando las ranas críen pelo when pigs fly; when pigs learn to fly
¡hasta que las ranas críen pelo! if I never see you again it'll be too soon!
pero salió rana but he turned out badly; but he was a big disappointment
rana toro bullfrog
2 (juego) game of throwing coins into the mouth of an iron frog

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